tenth week

Monday  School today. Lecture was wieeerd, teacher was talking about orientalism and well, there were a lot of half naked women pictures, to show how the British men used to photograph Asian women due to their sexually repressed culture back home.  Went home early, reached home at like 1110am. Was suppose to go flavor flings… Continue reading tenth week


Narcos Season 3 review

Welcome back Narcos! Wow, it has been an awful long wait hasn’t it? And the whole cycle is about to begin again. Damn, as usual, I already can’t wait for the fourth season! So, unless you have no idea what Narcos is, well its about the drug trafficking trade and the U.S’s war on drugs. … Continue reading Narcos Season 3 review


Book Depository experience

BOOK DEPOSITORY YAAAASSS, My delivery has arrived. So basic info first. Ordered Date: 8 August 2017 | Dispatched date: 10 August 2017 | Recieved date: 24 August 2017 I’ll be honest, 16 days is a long time, but for books a shit ton cheaper? Yes please. Delivered to my doorstep? Yes, please. Free shipping worldwide? Is… Continue reading Book Depository experience