Short | Hunger

My parents my grandparents, they always worry when I get hungry. They’re always making sure we have eaten and stuffing us with food. I never understood their fascination with making sure we’re always well fed. I mean, if the person isn’t weak in the knees and fainting then he’s probably not dangerously hungry right? So… Continue reading Short | Hunger


Short | listen not hear

There’s nothing new to be learned from hearing yourself speak. We’ve all had that friend right? The one that cannot stop talking about themselves. And every time you try to do your part in participating in the conversation, its clear they only want you to listen to them talk, they don’t genuinely want your opinion… Continue reading Short | listen not hear


Short | sadness over delusion

Random anecdote, when I was at internship, I was so depressed at the office life. It took me awhile to crawl out of the dark swirling head space and back into ‘normalcy’. By normal I mean, sadness that isn’t enough to cripple and make me want to tear my head off. Throughout the 6 months,… Continue reading Short | sadness over delusion


Short | Why I started this blog

Because I wanted to write. Simple as that. I wanted to feel productive and also have this thing online so I can look at it anywhere if I felt like it, include pictures and it forces me to be more coherent knowing I’m putting it out in the world. There isn’t’ a particular theme to… Continue reading Short | Why I started this blog

Pearl · Short

Short | Conversation

12:32am Dominick was making mushroom soup and upon realizing, I wanted to help cause I simply love cooking. He was chopping up some chives while I whisked the soup as it boiled. Truthfully whisking is boring, so I held the circular handle between my palms and started rolling, it was like a professional cake mixer!… Continue reading Short | Conversation


Short | Hopeful

thinking about the future from where i’m standing suffocates me. it looks like I’m drifting further and further apart from what i see is my happiness standing on the other side of the world. disappearing from sight and into oblivion. even before the game started, even before the losses were accumulated. i am defeated. but… Continue reading Short | Hopeful