Short | Why I started this blog

Because I wanted to write. Simple as that. I wanted to feel productive and also have this thing online so I can look at it anywhere if I felt like it, include pictures and it forces me to be more coherent knowing I’m putting it out in the world. There isn’t’ a particular theme to… Continue reading Short | Why I started this blog

Amusement · Pearl

Wonder Woman

Β It is not about what they deserve, its about what I believe, and I believe in love. Yes, I finally watched Wonder Woman (2017)! About to reflect heavily on the movie like its my personal reddit, HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD! I loved Gal Gadot’s acting! Very strong despite not being a veteran actress. The thing that… Continue reading Wonder Woman

Pearl · Short

Short | Conversation

12:32am Dominick was making mushroom soup and upon realizing, I wanted to help cause I simply love cooking. He was chopping up some chives while I whisked the soup as it boiled. Truthfully whisking is boring, so I held the circular handle between my palms and started rolling, it was like a professional cake mixer!… Continue reading Short | Conversation

Amusement · Pearl

Art | Yayoi Kusama: Life is the heart of a rainbow

After seeing tonnes of alluring photos online, I decided to check out the exhibit myself. Initially I wanted to go alone but my mom wanted to come along so we went together! She told me she never went to an art show before and this was her first time (she’s so cute!), and just about… Continue reading Art | Yayoi Kusama: Life is the heart of a rainbow


Modern Romance | Aziz Ansari

I’v been a fan of Aziz since discovering Parks and Rec, one out of my five favorite shows of all time, with Aziz playing Tom Haverford, the foodie, the swaggerful, the flashy entrepreneur. I’ve watched some of his standup, his interviews with talk show hosts and I always laugh hysterically. This guy just keeps soaring,… Continue reading Modern Romance | Aziz Ansari


BECCA x Chrissy Teigen | Prismatic Amethyst (Limited Edition)

Wooooo! Makeup makes me so excited even though i barely wear it! But i promise I’ll use these! Maybe! OK YES. Sometimes? MAYBE. I finally got my hands on the Chrissy Teigen palatte and a few weeks back the amethyst highlighter, both limited edition. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Prismatic Amethyst I was definitely inclined… Continue reading BECCA x Chrissy Teigen | Prismatic Amethyst (Limited Edition)