Hi, Amsterdam | 4

picsart_06-19-025623631812075115289.jpgDay 4 in Amsterdam. FYI I’m a little fuzzy on the sequence of events because I was too lazy to keep track of everyday. (something I regret a lot now because I really wanted to be able to look back)

Morning breakfast with Charis, having the avocados we bought from the market. I even brought my own chili flakes (and some salt packets) because Charis was planning for us to be cooking our meals and told me that spices in Europe were really expensive. BUT it turned out that spices were actually dirt cheap here!20180414_0917435163004479505141988.jpgAvocado toasts! That hunk of bread and an un-photographed avocado would go on to be wasted, along with ALOT of other foods because Charis just kept overestimating the food she needed. It was pretty hilarious because she would buy a bag of kale, realize she can’t finish, throw it away and the next day she would buy another bag realizing she wanted to use it etc.

Anyways, we set off a little later today because I wanted to try a cinabon (something I’d always see in western TV shows) and it doesnt open till pretty late and closes really early.  The cinabon shop is right along the path from our hostel to the train station. For the past 3 days, we kept looking in hoping it would be open by the time we passed by but nope.20180801_1906286527757105632485992.jpgI have to say, it is pretty disappointing! The pastry was tough and flavor wise it was only okok! OHWELL. 

After that we headed to the central again and got our BEST FRIES this time with green pepper sauce! CAN’T GET SICK OF IT. ITS SO GOOD MAN. We decided to get it before our free canel ride, like a snack on board ya know? 20180801_1905589064167358955532186.jpgBut when we entered, the person was like NO NO NO FOOD. Initially we were like wtf!? So we have to finish it all in 10 minutes!? Couldn’t you have told us that before you tore our tickets!? But luckily it turned out that we were still able to hop on the next one for free. Phew! After finishing our fries, we boarded the boat with a much friendlier and hilarious captain!20180414_1129181846717628071537076.jpgSitting in the front seats, waiting to depart!20180414_1155374734752733430995951.jpgThe canal ride was pretty chill, although I’d would have preferred if it wasn’t sheltered, because it kinda blocked out the view along with the fact that all the passengers were blocking the windows, plus I didn’t have a window seat so it was a pretty obfuscated view. 


“Here is our 3 story bicycle building. But the spots aren’t marked so you have to remember where you put it. If you want a good laugh just come here at 2am and see all the drunken people try to find their bikes.”

“The canal is about 3 meters deep, 1 meter water, 1 meter mud and 1 meter bicycles. Almost 15,000 bicycles.”

“If you find your bicycle stolen, there is a high chance you can buy it right back the next day at the market where the thieves have sold it. “

“This is where the mayor of Amsterdam lives. He recently passed away so if any of you have some extra time.”

He was so funny and jovial. And I LOVE that every time we passed by another boat on the canal, everyone would always make sure to nod and tip their cap off to each other!

20180801_1901351108975563128078096.jpgLook at this houseboat!!!! HOW COOL IS IT. I’m so fascinated and how I wished I had made friends with one regular teenager in Amsterdam! I’m so intrigued by the intricacies of their life there. Do you see that little black bench on the houseboat? I wonder if that’s where they put their shoes on or is it a place where the family goes it sit and chill? URGH I just wanna know everything! Also, the captain told us it easily costs to about $600,000 – $1,000,000 to get a house boat.

The exorbitant price, plus the small space, plus the exposure seems kinda not worth the idea of staying in such a cool home though isn’t it?

20180801_1906434744416588988769149.jpgAfter that we were back in DAM and there was this horse and a ol timey carriage. How cute! I hope the horse is happy though!20180801_1905195403102744807584591.jpgAlong nearby there were so many stores with baked goods, I mean oh my god they all looked so damn good, how is everyone not obeese here!? 20180801_1905035512652373922353713.jpgCharis got a giant muffin which was really delicious, it was dense and really rich! I didn’t get anything because my hankering for sweet treats comes randomly rather than consistently. There are some days where I’m like hell no to cupcakes and others where I’m just dying for chocolate.20180801_190534373634216340315000.jpgLook at all the birds that gathered here!!!20180801_1904519205482980845026851.jpgThis picture doesn’t do it justice but I found this place so pretty. With the black bricks and outdoor seating! Maybe because its just so damn rare to see something so quaint and peaceful in Singapore that made this little place so appealing to me! I can’t even put it in words!!!

The building looks like its waning it could be because my hand wasn’t steady when taking the picture or because most of Amsterdam’s building were built with wood which actually caused a huge fire back then. They then had to start building the new buildings with brick I believe, which was too expensive for some people so the wooden structures still remain.2018-08-01 088757737908819387705..jpgOh, just a casual marble tiling with pretty yellow flowers. OH AMSTERDAM WHY OH WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN GORGEOUS. 20180801_1904403215290318571413045.jpgThis was just one of the museums Charis and I entered just to use the toilets. We actually got an entrance ticket (for free from IAmsterdam) JUST SO WE CAN GO TO THE TOILET. Except that in Europe, their toilets are called WC. I didn’t find out until about a minute ago as I am typing this that it stands for water closet. HAHA.

We then proceeded to Corner Bakery again for a proper time!20180414_1444104202288965086847523.jpgIt was so much nicer this time. Calmer. We sat next to these 2 girls who looked like super models, one of them was so effortlessly cool with her half bun. They were so chic although albeit snobbish and then a friend of theirs passed by and they were just like oh hey in the coolest way, its like those you see on TV! And then to my right was 2 younger girls who Charis and I were just eyeing while waiting for a seat because they were done eating but just sat there forever chatting. HAHAH. You can kinda see them in the background of my pink chocolate milk.

Also, just like to give a nod to the people of Amsterdam, I really love how fashionable everyone is. I don’t know how to explain it. Maybe because Singapore is such a hot country or whatever? We all just dress kinda sloppy while some of the girls will dress in very trendy outfits. Whereas everyone in Amsterdam just have their own kind of style not following any trend or whatever. IT COULD JUST BE TOURIST GOGGLES I DONT KNOW. But they definitely dress way better there.picsart_04-17-107297697259514046087.jpgThe Freak Shake with strawberry, banana, choccolate and a donut on top.2018-04-15 033414103333763079868..jpgThe Unicorn with pink chocolate milk and whipped cream. Mmm. This was super scrumptious because the milk was warm and it was so nice in the cold weather. The vibes was seriously wonderful. It was cold, it was quiet and the skies were grey and dull with these vibrant beverages and foods around us. That feeling really sticks with me. I’m telling you, the cold weather makes all the difference in the world. Being in the eternally hot Singapore, heart rate goes up and everyone is more hot-tempered and irritable but in the cold its so much calmer, physiologically speaking, and quieter.

20180801_1902037330411425476931534.jpgI got myself another plate of herring. MMM MMM MMM. SO DAMN GOOD. Here is a gnarly shot of the inside heheheheh. Don’t be fooled though because it truly was insanely delicious. Their pickles were just so fresh and juicy and NOT RANCID. 

We also stopped by the pancake bakery again and had us another international pancake.20180801_1901181891180404000530648.jpgI believe this was the thai pancake with curried chicken and peppers. Ehhh it wasn’t as good as the Canadian. 20180801_1901472041047552308030191.jpgAn Anne Frank statue erected in her honor. 20180801_1904246723078707068306438.jpgWe also managed to head down to the Red Light District although we actually saw nothing much? We kept making our rounds but the famous ladies in the windows never really showed up except like one or two. Charis and I wondered if we were there too early or something. The place got really rowdy as time went by,  the bars were bustling with raucous men and the streets were pretty filled. It was quite the rowdy atmosphere that made me kinda nervous, tbh. We soon set off and left to return to the hostel.20180801_1900356167724665752706957.jpgKnowing it would be my last walk around Amsterdam, I really tried to snap as much photos as I could of Amsterdam especially the architecture. I mean just look at this house!? Can you imagine going home to this everyday. Its so gorgeous and ahhhh I think only Singaporeans can relate to my lust for a home like this because we mostly live in HDB flats. Even the condominiums or landed property in Singapore isn’t as appealing as this. Sighhhhh. 

So we got back to our train station and had this whole issue of trying to buy our intercity tickets and the people there were less than helpful. Our flight was at about 7am and we got tickets for the last train which is 1am. Only later did we find out (thanks to the ever friendly staff at the hostelle) that there was a bus 300 nearby that could take us to the airport at a much closer time but because we didn’t wanna risk it.

After that we settled down, packed up our stuff and showered.

We got some stuff for dinner. And as you can tell Charis heavily over bought again! Its weird because she is usually quite a small eater but I think because she was in a new country and she just wanted to try everything.20180801_1904081043069550607384902.jpgIn this pic, only the pasta and Gardenia roll (this is from Singapore) is mine. I think I didn’t finish my food because healthy eating sucks. HAHAHA. Later we went upstairs to nap as we waited for 1230am. We left the hostelle in the dead of night and it was honestly so scary because the street was quiet and dark and there we were lugging our bags to the train station. That was not a good time. Amsterdam feels so Amsterdam most of the time with its gorgeous architecture and dutchies except at where we were staying, which almost seems like we were in another country.

When we reached the train station, it was surprisingly not a ghost town. There were people who clearly just had a good time at the bar and I remember this band of people who were dressed like they were from a heavy metal band waiting for the train. The station was filled with talking and laughter. I didn’t want to be caught staring so, I kinda just sneak glances and listened hard to what was going on. The one thing I remember the most was how most of the people weren’t even young adults, they were like adults adults!!! THE ADULTS HERE HAVE A NIGHT LIFE! Maybe I don’t go out enough or have some preconceived notion, but the adults I know in Singapore are all at home sleeping, chilling, watching TV! But nope, not in Amsterdam and it just made the place ten million times cooler!

img_20180415_021241_0991047305397748268272.jpgWe reached the airport at 2am and so begun our wait for the flight. We settled down at a cafe/bar. Charis fell asleep while I just stayed up using my phone, drinking my cup of hot chocolate. There was quite a number of people just sleeping on the airport floor. Man, the wait was so tedious. I felt like such a nomad hahah. But before we knew it, we were on the plane to London!



24 thoughts on “Hi, Amsterdam | 4

  1. I love this Amsterdam series you have been doing! I always enjoy reading travel-related posts, so this series is definitely up my alleyway haha. I’ve actually never been to Amsterdam before (unless you count the few times I’ve been at the airport because of connecting flights) but I really want to go! It looks like such a vibrant and unique city, I can’t wait to see it for myself some day. Great post and beautiful pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have never seen a houseboat like that before! That is just incredible and it’s really amazing to me that they actually just live in it! I would definitely want something more private, but it certainly is cute and a fun idea!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awww I’m sorry you didn’t get to try a good cinnabon for your first time. It should be melt in your mouth soft, not tough & the flavor should be way more than ok! I hope one day you will get to try a well-made one.

    The boat you rode is so pretty! & so fun that your captain was cracking jokes the whole time & omg that houseboat! I’d love to live there.

    I would have totally love to visit Moulin Rouge & other bars in the Red Light District.

    Loooove all of your pics, Cordelia! Can’t wait to hear all about London! ♡♡♡

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Looks like you’ve had an amazing couple of days! Just got home from Amsterdam / The Hauge, and it’s just so beautiful there – I truly love it! Feel free to check that post out of mine ❤ xx I hope you'll have a wonderful week

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Your trip looked amazing! I’m currently saving up money and planning to go to Europe next Fall. I keep toying with the idea of visiting Amsterdam, as well, and I feel like this post has helped me cement that decision.

    Liked by 1 person

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