Week 4

picsart_08-01-016369920230703492008.jpgJuly 23 – 29 2018


  • Started my day with Eunice, gym at 9am as usual. Although I do enjoy going to the gym but the journey there is so tedious. 7-10 minute walk to the busstop > Bus 159 > 5 minute walk to Renjong LRT > LRT to Farmway > 4 minute walk to Anchorvale Community Center
  • Upper body day
  • Sadly we sinned right after gym because I wanted to try the new prawn paste burger by Mcdonalds in lieu of Singapore’s national day coming up. It was alright! Not worth it though!photogrid_15331118238234538457804517825826.jpg
  • After that, came home, took a bath and went to NEX to go to the Levi’s store to try and get my jeans during this sale period. I’m looking for Levi’s 501 Skinny and also the wedgie fit! But sadly, they are so rare and hard to find URGH. So I went home with nothing except a birthday gift for my friend!
  • Napped.
  • For dinner I had eggplant, brussel sprouts and asparagus.
  • Chill day, because there was no school. Heheh.


  • JB day AGAIN. Hahahaha we make way to many trips across the border man. We woke at about 8am and left soon after. Anyways, this time my brother came along because he too wanted to buy a pair of boots. But just our luck he couldn’t find anything in the right color or size. URGH. This happens so much.
  • We had an awesome meal at i-dragon. From left to right: Fragrant pork with crushed garlic chili, Century egg vegetable, braised duck noodles, peking duck skin, peking duck meat and peking duck drumlets.photogrid_15331119099134039940359135320212.jpg
  • After we had finished this meal, we finally made our 30 minute trip to JB Premium Outlet. FYI. This is the first time in a long time I’ve made it so far out of JB. It was damn cool to see so much more of JB this time. The Grab car we took drove so fast, something I’m not used to because Singapore is such a small and congested country. According to my brother who booked the Grab, you should never take their cabs here in Malaysia due to the likelihood of being scammed.
  • The outlet was so freaking gigantic and it was almost beach-resort styled.
  • Yet again we all tried to find our respective things but as usual the shopping trip came up fruitless. Both the Levi’s store I visited in the premium outlet and city square mall did not have what I wanted. URGHHHH WHYYYYYYYYYYY. Its so freaking annoying. I kid you not, this happens to me 90% of the time. I go out on a shopping trip and never end up getting what I want. So much transportation fees I have wasted.photogrid_15331119899391875707996571500178.jpg
  • By the time we left this place it was about 4pm. Which is the latest I have ever been in JB. Usually by 4pm I’m already at home. I started to panic because I realized I would be so incredibly late to meet my friends for dinner later. And if my brother had not been here, I wouldn’t even have data to text my friends about it!
  • After a super long and jam filled congested journey home, I was panicking because the plans kept changing after I suggested we don’t go for the mala buffet and just went for a simple ramen instead. The plans just went mighty chaotic. I was honestly so exhausted and disappointed from being out the whole day I didn’t even wanna go out by the time I had reached Singapore.
  • But somehow I still dragged my ass. Went back home for literally a minute to get my Singapore wallet, popped some ice into my mouth, didn’t get to change out of my sweaty clothes and jeans and went down to catch the bus.
  • Again, after another long travel journey down to Geylang, I finally met up with my friends at about 8pm. We didn’t get to enter the restaurant till about 845pm.
  • The buffet was pretty good, although I didn’t even really get to explore what it had to offer because I was tired (felt slightly nauseated). photogrid_15331121034142602753994548047762.jpg
  • It was a nice night. Its so hard for us to see each other anymore because of our terribly conflicting schedules.
  • Reached home at 11:50pm. Which meant I’ve been out for almost 15 hours. The day was definitely packed but somehow it still felt pretty empty…


  • Stay home day. Thank god.
  • Eunice and I were supposed to go to the gym but we decided no because I was too tired. I woke up pretty early at about 9:46am without an alarm clock.
  • Lazed around and read my novel
  • Worked on my assignment
  • Had pork belly rice for my lunch
  • Then later went out near my house to go get some hamster food and get dinner. And I saw this super adorable Syrian Hamster AHHHHH. The pet store owner even let me hold it and i found it SO WEIRD. Because despite its size, it was so dense and heavy but so tame. ARGHHHH SO CUTE. Oooof but I didn’t get it because I just wasn’t up for setting up a new home and devoting all my attention to helping the hamster grow accustomed in my house.  BUT I will definitely want to own a Syrian soon.
  • My dinner was just Nasi lemak rice with luncheon meat, otah, fried egg and chicken cutlet.20180726_2340271117244486992727545.jpg
  • Skyped with Charis to talk about our lives
  • So tired even though it was a chill day.


  • School day at 830 ended at 2 home by 3photogrid_15331121435497737950236614417060.jpg
  • Finally got to try the new dim sum store in school and I got myself some chili oil dumplings  (added some extra chilli, chives and green onions) It was really nice. BUT it was super weird because after about an hour after we had finished our meals and went to do our projects, we were all super sleepy. Out of the 5 of us, 4 of us ate at the same store and 1 ate somewhere else. And it was only us 4 who were so damn drowsy!? IT WAS SO WEIRD. Food coma is obviously normal but we were all so shocked at how heavy it was. And also, my dumplings must have had so much MSG because I fell into an intense headache all through the day.
  • I went home on Bus 74 with Jina, and we both sat in separate seats so we could just sleep. 20180726_2341511812367288314399621.jpg
  • I went home, ate the oreo cheesecake my mom bought me and went to nap, trying to get the headache out. But I woke up at 7:40 and the headache was still there arghhhhh.
  • What helped cure it was finally dragging myself to go bathe and it finally felt better at 10pm.
  • But it left me drained with no feels to do anything. Somehow I still ended up sleeping at 6/7 am because I had been up the whole night watching this new youtube channel called horror stories which documents all the real-life absurd and ridiculous deaths that has happened. Woops! Guess who is dying early.


  • Had my lunch of fried rice with egg, cubes of luncheon meat and cutlet on the side.20180727_1238298242437700444319959.jpg
  • Buckled down to finally finish my assignment which was such a damn chore because of a highly incompetent lecturer. Skipped out on meeting my friends to do the assignment (In the end my submission was still delayed by my peer reviewer and I would only be able to complete it a week from now so….YEAH)
  • On a happier note, OITNB S06 IS FINALLY OUT! A year’s wait, time to bingeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  • It was pretty boring. I actually just spent it finishing OITNB. I’d give it a 3/5
  • To be honest, OITNB is going downhill ever since season 4. Like what the fuck happened!? It wasn’t even a slow decline it just completely dropped off when season 5 came back. I remember watching season 5 and being like err wtf?! Season 6 was better than season 5 but wow it still lacked that deep charm it had in earlier years. There’s news floating around that Jenji won’t be continuing after season 7 which I find a damn shame. As much as I can be disappointed and irked at a show, I always hope it continues because as long as it does, there is always a chance of redemption. My main pet peeve with season 6 is definitely the infinite amount of questions I have about the characters and their fates. Well here is to ANOTHER year of wait. Jeeeeeez.


  • Its work day. AGAIN.
  • 9-6
  • Today was a particularly boring day. None of my friends were at work, coupled with the fact that there was only 2 people at work. BUT due to the lack of manpower, time flew a lot faster too because I was kept busy almost constantly so mini yay!
  • Had my usual luo mi fan for lunch and for dinner my mom made this chicken burger.photogrid_1533112205508211560838157874430.jpg

Alright that is the end of the week! I’m hoping next week will be so much more productive pleaaaase. I do want to continue with my Europe posts, which I have been procrastinating for about 3 months now. We are about to enter August and soon enough we’ll be saying HAPPY 2019.

My oh my does time fly right on by!


13 thoughts on “Week 4

  1. I cannot believe the year is flying by so quickly either!! Kudos to you for getting to the gym with such a hefty commute. Sometimes I can’t manage even though it’s a 10min drive for me 😳 Hope you have a good weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ugh that sucks you couldn’t find your jeans & your brother couldn’t find his boots! Can you look for them online?

    That’s so cool how I-Dragon separated the duck skin! I’d eat that all up!! MSG makes food so tasty but ugh I can’t stand the headaches!! Naps usually make those worse for me.

    Happy August, Cordelia! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think there are some online but shipping fees and because I prefer trying it in person because I have a very non-model-friendly body! HAHA. Yesss the crispy skin! 😍 MSG is pretty tolerable for an asian like me but damn it was overwhelming!
      Heheh, have a wonderful Aug Hunida!!

      Liked by 1 person

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