Week 3

picsart_07-23-123661080477474450145.jpgJuly 16 – 22


  • Today I woke up at 730am, had a banana & went to ACC to meet Eunice for our gym session! But it was a little too strenuous for me probably because I’ve been sleeping 3-4 hours the past few days and later on I found out I was on my first day erhem too!
  • I ended up having to go to the toilet, on the verge of passing out, and vomited some acid. To be fair, I’m a pretty weak person in general. I find myself weaker than most people and more predisposed to fainting or whatever. its just the way I am.
  • Somehow I mustered the energy to go to NEX and got myself some new lippies by Maybelline and got an expensive ass fruit juice.
  • Anyways, went home tired af and in pain, made my oats then prepped and went for school (330-530)
  • Home by 6:40, snacked, napped and had my dinner.
  • I was supposed to meet Charis to see her pack her bag hahaha but my nap as ruined everything20180715_1956042478006636335626740.jpg


  • Chill day today, well kinda. Had my lunch of chicken wings and some mini bell peppers and brussel sprouts!
  • Had my dinner of my Samyang carbo fire noodles at about 8 or 9!photogrid_15322782309643382072029961376106.jpg
  • Also, today was the day I sent my best friend off to Australia as she begins her 3.5 years of university!
  • Earlier in the day, after my lunch I went to meet her at her house for a brief chat and it was so weird to see most of her stuff packed and the fact that she wasn’t gonna be home for a long time, and I probably wont be in her house for a long time anymore. For the past year I have just been going to her house at least once every week and now, poof! That’s over.
  • Anyways, later on I met up with her at the airport but I was fucking late omg. So I had like 10 minutes with her because travel to the airport took me 2 hours and I was just running through the terminals and I caught up to her just right before the departure hall. It was so bittersweet, her parents were trying so hard to hold back the tears, I was still alright because I cried on the bus journey there.
  • So excited for her because she is such an adventurous person so I know she is gonna have such a wonderful time soaking up life!photogrid_15322782697342435983682003606621.jpg
  • Later on, I went home alone with her parents (Cedric & Dom went their own ways) and her mom was so cute just talking about how much she will miss Charis.
  • Ahhhh, what a day.


  • Had my breakfast of milo and as met Eunice at the gym for leg day! Productive!
  • Was supposed to meet my mom to go to vivocity but then she got caught up with work.
  • Lunch of brussel sprouts, bell peppers and parmesan cheese! Also, mom got me a cheesecake for TEA TIME.
  • Then, I napped. I’m no genius but I’m pretty sure sleeping after eating doesn’t help weight loss. GEEEEEZ.
  • Dinner of some scallop noodles with egg, veggies and pork!photogrid_15322783939006955598428596218545.jpg
  • Also, my book came! I am absolutely horrendous. I keep adding books to my list and unable to finish them or write about them because I’ve just backlogged so many posts. ARGH. Anways, so far so good. The book is incredibly well written and the pacing is smooth and quick and it doesn’t dwell for long. img_20180723_004828_5635663959297764575371.jpg
  • Went to bed at about 3-4am. Surprise surprise.


  • School at 8:30. Boring as usual. I think we literally just spent 3 hours in class talking. I legit cannot say a single thing I remember from any of my classes except the lecturer’s name (only because he’s taught us in 2 previous classes) LOL.
  • Later, I met my mom at Meidiya at about 12:20. Finally ate at a new restaurant. She had the Wafu Teppan Combi Teishoku. I had the Chicken Namban Teishoku and we shared the Katsu Toji.
  • Got some stationery from kinokuniya and some stuff from the supermarket heheh. Came home at about 430. Reorganized my makeup drawer then napped till 8. Omg I nap alot. HOW DOES ONE NOT NAP THOUGH? photogrid_15322786202673333142834156169883.jpg
  • For dinner I had carbonara and fries and for dessert I had a caramel banana tart YUM.
  • Probably, slept late.


  • Had school from 830 to 1132. It was confusing, and it only fueled the flames of frustration towards the teacher by me and my friends.
  • Afterwards, I went home and just napped because it was such a nice comfy weather. Ahhhh best sleep ever.  Had my shepard’s pie at 4pm for lunch and a burger king double BBQ Turkey bacon burger for dinner.20180723_0057552645100305995610679.jpg
  • At night I skyped with Charis and for the time being adjusting isn’t a breeze. Obviously but knowing her, I know she will be alright.


  • Had my lunch of oats.
  • Read my book.
  • Finally started on my assignment
  • Had my dinner of this chicken wrapped in bacon
  • Snacked on a Hershey chocolate bar, MAMEE monsters and 3/4 bag of Jalepeno kettle chips.
  • Boring, chill stay home day.20180723_0104316469781619100752001.jpg


  • WORK DAY. 830.
  • It was alright because My friends were there so it wasn’t crippling boring.
  • My lunch I had my usual luo mi fan and dinner I had salmon and strawberry tart.photogrid_15322789315073485020314894031579.jpgThat was the end of this week! I probably shouldn’t just upload my meals hahaha! Adios!

13 thoughts on “Week 3

  1. Oh my gosh, I saw an interview with the author of “Children of Blood and Bone” on Good Morning America! It sounds pretty good, and I might have to check it out after reading your review. I’m the same way with books–I keep adding them even though I’ll never had time to read them all, hahaha.

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  2. Why do all the food photos you share look so delicioussss? I always feel hungry after reading your blog posts, haha!
    Jokes aside, I really like these diary-entries kind of posts! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Noo you should! You should def keep uploading your food photos! Mmmm everything looks so good especially the chicken wings, carbo fire noodles, & caramel banana tart! Hopefully you’ll get to visit Charis in the near future! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ok. Jealous of all your meals and I need to know more about these Samyang carbo fire noodles. It’s always so sad saying bye to a good friend, Australia is going to be so much fun for her though once she gets adjusted! What is she studying there? Do you think you’ll go visit?

    Liked by 1 person

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