Week 2

picsart_07-14-053328809545814855845.jpgWelcome welcome to week 2! 9 – 15 July 2018. 


  • I woke up at about 10AM and had my oats for breakfast! Yum. It always seem so plain and bleah to me (FYI I’m someone who could eat fried chicken for breakfast so…) but it always surprises me how nice and comforting to eat it each time.photogrid_15315589887501548014916031029855.jpg
  • Then afterwards, I was just lazing around using my laptop. I hate Mondays and I rather be in school early because the weekly maid is here and I have no privacy which annoys the hell out of me. I really just want a nice morning time to myself. 
  • For lunch, I had the Hot & Spicy Indomie which was so delicious but guilty because its processed food. Image result for hot and spicy indomie
  • Went to school from 3:30 to 5:30, so I was essentially out from 2:30 to 6:30. 
  • Then, came home straight and made a simple pasta w/ cherry tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, chili flakes, rosemary & anchovies. (pictured above with my oats) I also made a portion for my mama, but hers was with a fried omelette.


  • Woke up at about 7:30/8. Had my morning coffee. 
  • Another trip to JB again! HAHA. This time we had a specific purpose which was for my mom to buy her Dr Martens shoe but unfortunately they did not have her size. What a pity though, she tried so many options but the damn store just didn’t have anything in her size. I also wanted to buy an Adidas shoe but ended up not doing so. 
  • I got myself a Tokyo Secret Cheese tart which is oh so yum. Cheese tart > egg tart anyday man.
  • I also got some other drugstore stuff.
  • Later, we went to my favorite Chinese restaurant to eat. I LOVE THEIR FOOD SO MUCH LA, ITS SO FREAKING DELISH. I rarely ever ever crave or can say I love Chinese food, but right here, its the occassional exception. 2018-07-10 116224851053400135360..jpgThis was the cold chicken in szechuan chili. Coming in at 3rd place.2018-07-10 114643996913658979986..jpgThis is the dried chili fried chicken. Coming in at 2nd place.2018-07-10 113584061485317881530..jpgLastly, the chili sliced pork with flat glass noodles. Winning first place in my heart. My god I loved this dish so much, I kept thinking about it for the rest of the day.2018-07-10 111863485889884422117..jpgThere was also a veggie dish which I did not take a picture of hahaha, IT WAS DELICIOUS THOUGH. Everything was just super delish la AHHHHH I wanna eat it again! 
  • Later was home at about 3, ate some snacks, napped till dinnertime.
  • Then for dinner I had my fried dumplings with mala vinegar. Yum but holy unhealthy. 
  • I am such a freaking sloth. I eat and sleep. No wonder I’m not losing any weight jeez. 


  • Today is the long awaited day, my KBBQ date with nice. FINALLY. No joke, we’ve been talking about it since about December 2017 maybe? 7 months later here we at. HAHA. I remember miss Tay saying it will never happen, so Tay if you reading this…🖕🏾 u. storysaver_eunice_wyy_36149175_228243487787707_8626309614922629120_n8939314685165698070.jpg
  • Then, later nice told me about her time at OCIP and some personal stuff. She also FINALLY came over to my house and played with my hamster, she is so damn motherly to my hamster. She held it for a long time without the hamster struggling (which is usually what happens when I hold it for too long) and treated it like a literal baby cooing it to sleep! HAHAHA. 
  • We also wanted to geocache (am I saying it right?) but there were no nearby places. 
  • Cutie, then I sent her to her busstop and off she went! She later went back home and tried geocache herself but apparently “failed miserably”.  Idk if that meant she couldn’t find the location or she was digging around in dirt with her bare hands, only to find nothing. HAHAHA.20180711_1629395814747136222350592.jpg
  • To compensate for the heavy meal, I had my oats again for dinner. 


  • School day again from 830 to 1130. Had milo for breakfast and off I went. Gosh, did I mention how much I HATE morning commute. 
  • Anyways, during our lecture break and after lecture, Jina conducted a tarot card reading for everyone except me. It was so hilarious but intense cause everyone was super into it and Jina (although she was referring to the manual for interpretation), she was so convincing and dedicated to her role. Everyone had their love life read. So cute la.20180712_1132145057420333427058417.jpg
  • Later I went home, made my kimchi instant noodles for lunch, so freaking heavy. and then…took a nap. I hate myself.picsart_07-14-05581662419738857522.jpg
  • At night, I made my mom and I a nice dinner of piri piri chicken, I got the recipe from Tastemade, and also sauteed eggplant and pepper. It was delicious although the portion was kinda small but hey its dinner right? You shouldn’t eat so much.photogrid_15315588438283207514339356183827.jpg
  • Later on, we went to the airport to fetch my brother who had been in Perth, Australia for the past 2 weeks. And we waited almost 2 hours for him because he spent such a long time in duty free. Literally the belt had about 3 luggage left and he still hadn’t come out. I wouldn’t mind except that I had to be up at 6:30am tomorrow and it was already 2:30am. 
  • To make things even worse, I also bought supper. JEEZ. I bought this supposedly really good nasi lemak with fish fillet and bergerdil and 2 fried chicken. BUT i did split it with my mom and brother, so it wasn’t that much, heheh.photogrid_15315587259553763816303239724836.jpg
  • I couldn’t sleep obviously before I unboxed/unpacked all the goodies my brother had got. He bought so much stuff like a shitton of chocolate and honey and a bunch of other stuff! We had to clear out a whole drawer just to put the chocolate. But that made me really excited, well because we are now officially the kind of family who dedicates a space in the fridge, JUST for chocolates. How cool is that!? HAHAH.
  • At about 4am, I finally hit the hay. 


  • Usual breakfast of milo. But also a piece of bubblegum YAY. I love bubblegum so much because BUBBLE! But in S’pore bubblegum is banned so I am so happy my brother got some from down under!
  • Boring class from 8:30 to 10:40. Bleah!
  • Reached home at about 12 and thus begun my wait for Charis to be done at the bank. I fell asleep for 30 minutes and ended up reaching late to meet her. Oops!
  • And YET AGAIN, we meet for mala @ NYP. I probably wouldn’t have met her so soon again to eat this but..she is leaving in 4 days to study at Australia for 3.5 years. So thanks ah Charis, you have left me friend-less and alone in Singapore. Sigh. img_20180714_162832_9415825677342829105932.jpg
  • Its not that I don’t have company in Singapore, but Charis is the only one who can truly be a friend to me. She doesn’t judge me for the problems I have or my shortcomings and its really easy for me to go to her with my problems. She always tries to be as objective as possible and pays attention to her friends instead of phoning it in. If it were someone else for example, they’d either get annoyed if you come to them with your problems more than twice in a month and start avoiding you or give you short replies. But with her, its always so natural and easy. RIS AH RIS.
  • Anyways, we went home later. I took a nap. Oh no. 
  • But I had a healthy-ish dinner at about 10pm. 3 eggs with spinach, cherry tomatoes and garlic with a chicken patty.20180713_2147344287674966979057903.jpg
  • I also had a mini cup noodles with coffee for supper hahaha. Slept at 2AM.20180714_02103132715859943317658.jpg


  • Saturday was just a lazy wazy day. I kept napping. I had 2 pretty scary dreams.
  • 1. The Meth Dream
  • I was in the room with a bunch of friends/people and for some reason police came in and decided to do a spot check. I instantly panicked because I knew that I had some meth in my wallet. That fearful feeling which somehow feels so real and familiar when your life is literally on the edge, on the brink where there is not much you can do but also a tiny action you make could change the course of events drastically. So, I just tried my best to stay calm and seriously think if the drugs were still in my wallet. Afterwards the police cleared out and I was like holy shit, did I just get away with it? Went back to my table and things and I found a slip at my table that said they found the meth and I will be fined $10k while my friend Charis had weed in her possession but she was fined $13k. I recalled the day we bought the meth while we were having mala in “Parth“, Australia. I was instantly panicking and asking Charis if I could borrow money to settle my debt and I asked her if there would be jail time and she said yes, probably. In the height of that panic, THANK GOD I WOKE UP. 
  • How ridiculous is this dream though? It plucked up elements throughout my week (my brother coming home from PERTH, Charis and I having MALA, and the meth i dreamt was probably because I had been re-watching BREAKING BAD throughout the week) and created this entire story, wtf? 
  • 2. The Wedding Dream
  • So, I somehow got married. Things just happened in a whirlwind. I somehow said yes to someone I like but not love and the whole process of the wedding just zoomed right by me without me once giving it any serious consideration and realizing the gravity of things. My dream did not show me the process of myself kinda sleeping off the whole wedding planning process but it kinda started off by leaving me with the FEELING of it. Anyways, when we had to say I do, that was when I realized wtf is happening and even though I was starting to melt down inside, I just went with the flow. Later, while everyone was mingling around, they brought out the wedding cake and somehow I took a huge bite out of the cake and my mom came over and told me to angle the cake so that the photographers wouldn’t see the missing chunk during the part where husband and wife were supposed to cut and feed each other cake. So I did, and while everyone was busy and mingling, I felt this overwhelming ‘no I can’t take it anymore’ and immediately sneaked out of the place and just kept walking as far as I could. I walked through this long alley of cats who kept tangling around my arms, refusing to let go of me. They kept coiling around me like snakes and I had to shake so hard to get them off. Later I found my friend Cedric, and I just kept asking him what do I do!? I don’t even know how I got here, decisions got made and I don’t even remember how it led to here!? And he just kept asking me why did you even say yes or go through with it!? And then I woke up.
  • This dream I knew came from the fact that I had recently seen someone I know get married and is already expecting. I think it came from my fear of …maybe marriage at a young age? I don’t really want to be looking forward to my wedding day because it would feel like me giving up on bigger more ambitious dreams. Its not that settling down scares me but I’m afraid for the day where I look forward to getting married before I have done something significant in my life because it almost feels like I am giving up…Hmmm.
  • I had my hot and spicy indomie for lunch and pictured below is my beef bulgogi I had for dinner plus an unseen fried chicken wing. hehe. 20180714_1806315787341278055636563.jpg


  • Aka. Work day. Had my usual day at work. Pictured below is my lunch. 20180715_1208113595628314926881273.jpg
  • It was pretty boring as usual. I got some sad news that my friend won’t be working on the Sundays anymore so…, as if things aren’t boring enough, its actually going to get worse.
  • This was my salad dinner, it looks healthy but its actually not due to the copious amount of oil, salt and the fact I added a hashbrown (mashed-up) inside. hahaha20180715_1956042478006636335626740.jpg
  • I was SUPPOSED TO BE TIRED. Considering how I had a lot of naps on Saturday and only got a few hours sleep and then proceeded to work a full day. But somehow I wasn’t tired? Again, I couldn’t sleep later at night.
  • OH FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 FINALS YALL. I was rooting for Croatia because I always root for the underdogs heheh. Sadly they lost but wow that was a seriously exciting and intense game. I love watching sports man but I know how addictive and intense it can be which is why I try my best to stay far from it HAHA! Ahhh but I’m sad that fifa has come to an end, I love seeing the fight for glory. I love that these people train so hard, are immensely skilled but sometimes it still takes luck to win. Seeing the margin in which these people score is mindblowing. Griezmann and Mbappé were fantastic. Modrić and Perišić were outstanding. 2022, WE’LL BE WAAAAAITING. 

Alrighty, that’s all folks!



8 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. Oh my gosh! All of the food looks so delicious especially the Chinese food & the piri piri chicken you made! I didn’t know that bubblegum was banned in Singapore! Wow! & aww, I know how close you & Charis are… so sorry she is moving away!!
    Are there panda faces in your instant cup noodles?!?
    Those dreams you had are terrifying. I hate police dreams where I think I’m going to go to jail! I have those way too often.

    Anyways! Can’t wait to see week 3! 😉

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