Week 1


2 – 8 July 2018 

Its actually been exactly a year since I did this weekly thing and I am currently in year 2 of university aka my last year. Holy tamale that is incredibly daunting. I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT. Anyways, I did not take a lot of pictures of my week unfortunately, so these are mostly food pics. HAHA


  • Spent my morning kinda lazing around
  • First day back to school from 3:30 to 5:30. It was boring as usual with a teacher I dislike. 
  • Did not nap (mini yay)


  • Wokeup at 2PM. Woops
  • My brother had already left for Perth, and I didn’t even wake up to say goodbye. Woops again.
  • Made my ‘breakfast’ of oats with blueberries and peanut butter.20180709_1003348116208813189784857.jpg
  • Right after the oats, I decided to heat up some leftover fried chicken and my own sauce (coriander, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper and chili flakes) 
  • Haven’t done much for the day except preparing one meal after the next and watching whatever show or YouTube hahaha.
  • Then for dinner, I had my romaine salad with the aforementioned sauce plus cherry tomatoes, parmesan, a little artichoke and a chicken patty.img_20180703_233510_3156781771577405411920.jpg
  • Uploaded my Hi, Amsterdam! | 2


  • JB trip again! Bought a lot of awesome stuff, skincare and makeup hehe. Yet another post idea to add to the list. Man I really gotta get my Europe posts outta the way. 
  • We had this awesome mini steamboat meal. I had the Sichuan spicy soup and mom had the miso soup! Its so yum I love it! 
  • I also forced my mom to have a conversation with me about marriage and expectations and all that. She rarely talks to me so I have to start or she never will.photogrid_15313072400436674459388871781712.jpg
  • And for the first time in a long time we stayed beyond 2pm. We usually reach at around 10am and leave at 2pm because my mom always has something on back in S’pore. But this time we stayed till almost 3 or 4! Hahahaha! Super fun and satisfying day.


  • School from 8:30 to 11:30. Had my breakfast of fried salted crispy chicken. So sinful. Singapore just has so many cheap and easily available yummy unhealthy food la and its so hard to control myself. Weight loss plan my ass sighhh. 20180705_0958052446559769204325139.jpg
  • After school, my uni friends and I went to eat dim sum at Victors Kitchen at Sunshine Plaza. The food was not bad indeed! Its funny because our conversation all throughout was about gym and eating healthy and what exercises to do all while engorging ourselves. They were all stuffed by the end though I was barely filled ):20180711_1909416685488474199061035.jpg
  • We later went to play pool at Bugis plus which was surprisingly quite fun! It has never appealed to me but our competitiveness made it really funny to play and everyone was just taunting each other and covering up the ball hole. The best part is when the other team had a close chance of winning, we’d always do our best to help and set up the position of the stick! Worth the $2 I spent! 
  • When I got home, I realized that my mother had ALSO bought me some chili vinegar dumplings (which I had before at dim sum). Weight loss plan AGAIN going quite well.20180705_1706012497957026138947876.jpgscrumpdeliumtious!
  • And for dinner I had some of the kimchi noodles my mom was having. Jeez, its always food!


  • Had school from 8:30 to 11:30
  • Went home a little while, waiting for charis to finish her medical checkup before I met her at about 1PM at NYP to eat our favorite mala xiang guo! So here is a pic of my ham while I was home waiting. 20180706_1220012360981211733802931.jpg
  • Sadly, there were no pictures of the mala because we had been waiting so long in queue that we just dived right in! It was delicious as usual la but I think the person gave us max spicy. And every time the food landed in my mouth I was tearing.  We chatted and caught up about each other’s life, breaking down the psychology about the friends or people we interacted, just our usual thing. HAHAH.
  • After that we went to ITE, because Charis has actually never been there! So I took her on a tour and the highlight of the place has to be the turtles they had in the pond!!! We sat on the edge and all the turtles came to us, probably thinking we had food but all we did was touch their shell. So cute I love animals.
  • After that we moved on to sing karaoke at Teo Heng Ci Yuan, which I haven’t done in a long long time!  
  • We had a brief while to chat while waiting for an available room and just trying to grasp the idea that my best friend was leaving for Aussie to study for 3.5 years. Woah bro. :/
  • We sang our freaking heart out. Singing all the old school 2010 songs! HAHA. First time singing with Charis whom was basically caterwauling all throughout (other people usually sing properly like they are legit performing) and it was so freaking funny. $14 for 2 hours. So worth it.photogrid_15313073003528468951174335764412.jpg
  • We later walked all the way home together and parted ways. Sighh.


  • Had this for lunch, which is basically the same salad as above with half the amount of romaine and tuna instead of chicken patty and also some strips of cold cut meat. Mmmm.20180707_1222207308630434086458047.jpg
  • The only productive thing I did end up doing was writing my Hi, Amsterdam! | 3


  • Aka work day. Woke up at about 7:30 and reached my workplace at about 9AM. Luckily, Siang was there and I had someone to accompany and talk to me about food HAHAHA. Legit that is all we ever talk about and she really knows her shit. She isn’t a fake foodie like most people claim to be urghh. 
  • Ended work at about 6 I think and went home to a meal I had been looking forward to the whole time!20180708_1917553999265879019355759.jpg
  • I had my $17.50 Monster Curry waiting at home with a giant fried fish and some chicken karaage! So delicious although I didn’t finish the whole thing because I legit fell into a scary food coma afterwards! I could barely move and inadvertently fell asleep and jolted up wanting to vomit. After 2 hour and a half, I still couldn’t recover. Yep that’s how full I was. CORDELIA LEE STOP EATING LIKE THIS OMG YOU ARE GOING TO DIE AT 35 FGS. 

Anyways that was my week! How weird is it that I wanted to write about my week just in time for one year since it happened! Ok! Adios muchachos!


13 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. OMG WHY DO I RELATE TO THIS SO BAD HAHAHAHA. I’ve been desperately trying to ‘diet’ and stick to a stupid challenge on Facebook but AS ALWAYS, it didn’t go as planned. God bless our self-discipline seriously hahahahahaha. I need my holidays to come so I can stay at home and nua (a.k.a jiah doesn’t go out with her friends)

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    1. Yess la omg, there is just too many new things to eat in singapore, the new KFC fried chicken, the new Mcdonalds shrimp burger, D24 ice cream, carrot cake, mala etc. Ya I want my holidays to nua please sighhhh.

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  2. Oh goddd!!! Everything looks so delicious especially the last meal & the dumplings!!! That’s so so sweet that you & your mom spent some quality time together & that you got her to talk to you. You & Charis have the best friendship ever. I’d love to have a friend like her. I loved this post, Cordelia! I don’t mind all the food photos at all. 😉 Hope to read another weekly update from you! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

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