Hi, Amsterdam! | 3

Alright, welcome to day 3 in Amsterdam.

photogrid_1530944593591-1515072831721372811.jpgView when I wake up and the usual lemonade I get every morning,

Today was going to be pretty chill. We explored the Dam square and went around to places like Primark and a bunch of stores. I was hoping to get some clothing pieces from local stores but sadly didn’t managed to due to the rushed nature of my trip. Charis moved on pretty quickly so by default I just didn’t get to stop long enough. photogrid_1530945521021-17704193994769920926.jpgThe royal palace and the buildings near it.2018-07-07 02-18532636945763133427..jpgGorgeous architecture.2018-07-07 02-13099280966115573209..jpgYet another cheese shop, we went in and just sampled everything like one does when in Amsterdam.

We decided to give it another shot, trying to find the Corner Bakery which was supposed to be pretty close to the museum district. On our way there we also picked up some bites…picsart_07-07-31420957403705274097.jpgOne of them was herring! I’ve seen this in videos and at 3 euros how could I not try this famous delicacy! Charis and I were so freaked by it initially because it is a raw fish afterall, so we wanted to put some hot sauce near the counter on it but the guy said, ‘No no! You should eat it as is! Don’t put anything on it!’ So Charis put the bottle back.

First bite, and I fell in loooove. I MEAN WOW. It tasted so damn complex and flavorful. There wasn’t that disgusting fishy smell, just superior freshness. I wouldn’t describe it as tasting like raw salmon, tuna or any other fish. Its flavors were so unique, rich and meaty like nothing I have ever eaten. The pickles were damn good too, they were so fresh and not rancid like the ones in a mcdonalds burger. I did enjoy eating it with the onions or pickles because they gave that interesting punch but the fish on its own is a star.

Charis however, hated it. HAHAHA. She immediately rinsed her mouth after a piece because she felt it was too fishy. Its true but not the kind that is gross! Oh well, at least I could have the fish all to myself. 😁

When we reached the museum district, we got ourselves this hot dog.picsart_07-07-33611281050254618398.jpgThis was the chubby dog with bacon and Charis added heaps of sauerkraut and fried onions and it was actually really delicious! The only drawback was the bread used, it was so incredibly hard and dry as you can probably tell! But nice nonetheless.2018-07-07 02-1982261597650699888..jpgA touristy shot in front of a museum I did not enter HAHA. 

OK, now while we were here, we wanted the full Amsterdam experience that was not available in my country so we decided to really fill up first before we really threw ourselves into it. So, we looked for the Corner Bakery again, this time Charis had screenshotted the map to the place. (FYI, Charis had bought a verizon SIM card with about 24GB of data meant for the whole of EU but it did NOT work at all during our entire trip, so we relied on good ol street maps, signs and asking for directions) But then…

She took out her phone and it was this black and white stripe screen. She immediately panicked and was just frantically asking me what to do, but since I was an Android user I didn’t know what to do either. So we went around town trying to connect to any free wifi I could find and researching what went wrong on her phone. We tried all the internet methods but it didn’t work. The only solution I could offer her was finding an iphone wire and plugging it in to a power source to hopefully jolt it or a laptop to trigger any response to the phone.

Poor thing, she was so upset and frantic but we didn’t know what to do either. We did however managed to find the directions to the Corner Bakery thanks to a bunch of very helpful dutchies (friendlies people ever seriously!) 2018-07-07 02-15770858277621215592..jpgQuaint, cute and pretty. It was so cold so we decided to wait for a table inside. We were also served by this really cute and very friendly waiter who looked kinda Caucasian-Asian. 😍😍😍 So charming and sweet. 20180413_133713-18991654695397191772.jpgThe colorful menu and placesetting.2018-07-06 08-1451823007332167322..jpgThe freak shake!

This was perhaps the only good photo I took and I had to edit it alot because the lighting was poor. By diffusion I was also kinda moody and down because my friend was really upset and I wasn’t much in the mood to take photos either because I felt like such an asshole snapping pics when my friend was panicking. 

Then Charis concluded that her screen was probably broken because she remembered her phone dropping out of her pocket (it was a light drop though) and when she went to pick it up she gave it an extra kick. So we went asking and in search of a repair shop.

Probably at about 3-4pm we went around and somehow landed at this district which was NOT the RLD but somehow there were a bunch of near naked ladies in the window display and I was trying to look but also not look because although I was curious it also felt so awkward. HAHA. 

 After bouncing around, we finally found one that wasn’t shady and the lady was soooo nice. She charged 120 euros to help her change the screen and provide a tempered glass.

It was very steep and after a bunch of other issues, some cash problems and an hour later, the phone was fixed and it was working again! Phew! What a tiresome ordeal!

Alright, back to the plan. Amsterdam is known for its open-mindedness. One of them being…photogrid_1530944658548-12672361237272494408.jpgBut of course, Charis and I never tried it. Also, its illegal for us to smoke it even when its legal in a foreign country. Much thanks to the strict laws of my homeland, you protect us. 😒 😒 😒 🖕🖕🖕photogrid_1530944774924-16122424004808248151.jpgSo here is Charis smoking a regular tobacco cigarette


INSTEAD,  here is a story I heard from Cornelia and Claris about their first time:

We went to the Katsu Coffeeshop where the women behind the counter were friendly but tough and made recommendations. Initially I couldn’t tell I was high. After sharing a mixed joint and a space cake, we just weren’t feeling it. Also, the smoke kinda felt like it was burning my lungs, and I kept coughing. So we went for a second joint which felt so much better on my throat, it was much smoother and less burning. Afterwards, we were kinda disappointed because it didn’t seem to work and it all it did was leave us feeling sleepy. Our eyelids were so heavy. So we got up and left the place.

As soon as I stepped out, I realized I was wrong. My vision was moving like in the shows where you see a girl is drugged up after an iffy drink, my legs were so heavy and it was kinda hard to walk. I was doing my best to focus as Claris and I made our way to the nearby street market. The first thing I whispered to her was “My legs are heavy” and she burst out laughing her ass off. Later she told me to help her pick out avocados and strawberries and wow did it take an immense amount of focus.

20180413_170525-14897055411783850441.jpgWe were given some sample chicken to eat and this was the only photo I’d taken during that time because I somehow thought it was very important and wanted to send it to my mom.

After saying a bunch of stupid things and words that I didn’t even realize left my mouth and Claris laughing at everything I said, I told her to hold me because reality felt so distorted and far away and I was barely lucid. I told her that we HAVE to make our way home right now. Although I was panicked and fearful of our safety, it also felt more theoretical? Because I was mellowed out I knew I was scared but I don’t actually feel scared.

It felt like reality kept re-calibrating. As soon as I would be able to see things and process the environment I was in, my brain would start re-calibrating again so it was near impossible for me to grasp what was happening. Its like when you wake up every morning, that small moment of confusion but happening again and again and again. Claris felt her world was spinning and giggling at everything but she was still lucid enough to find her way. Thank god.

BUT, Claris insisted we had to go buy Holland’s best fries and because I was just too zoned out, I didn’t refuse it. Also, I really wanted to eat too and it may be good for dampening the effects so why not? One of the worst things she did though was letting go of me, running across the freaking road to chase after the tram going to Centraal. So in my haziness, I followed suit AND LUCKILY NOTHING BAD HAPPENED. 

I felt so in danger that people would see I was zoned out of my mind so I would just stare at a particular spot on the floor, keeping my eyes wide open and then my reality would re-calibrate again for me to realize wtf am I doing and then it would re-calibrate again to me looking around my surroundings to see if anyone noticed.

Claris ordered the fries in cocktail sauce this time and because she zoned out, she ended up pouring ALOT of cajun seasoning. No pictures because I was too out of it. And wow, eating was amazing. Flavors and textures felt so insanely delicious. I swear it felt EXACTLY like this kind of euphoria.

Related image

You could thoroughly taste every single aspect of the french fries and the sauce. I told Claris that every bite was like a new experience and by then I could barely talk to her because she would laugh so hysterically at everything I said, and I felt like the noise would draw attention to us, making us more dangerous and vulnerable. So every time I wanted to say something, I would stop midway and just kept saying stop stop stop. 

While we were in the train Claris was obviously so out of it, I remember her trying to eat a fry but instead she just used the fork and kept circling the top of the cone and  I asked her wtf she was doing. I also dropped a fry on her pants and apologized profusely like as if though I had betrayed her. I also somehow hallucinated the train was moving only to realize it hadn’t left the station during one of my re-calibrations. 

Finally we were in the home stretch, Claris bought an ice cream and it looked delicious so I wanted a taste. After about 10 seconds of trying to hold it still, I gave up. I couldn’t freaking focus and was afraid I would just plop the ice cream into my eye. 

Kept my head down walking through the living room and receptionist because I just felt so vulnerable letting anyone know I was high. The steeps steps we had to climb was surprisingly easy. And finally, I was in bed. I just kept exclaiming, ‘Omg we made it home, I can’t believe we survived.’ I momentarily panicked because I though we may have been robbed. Claris was sitting at the table still eating her ice cream as I laid down to rest for probably a minute before I ‘woke up’ and yelled, ‘how tf are you still eating, I’ve already slept for 4 hours!’ Even as the words left my mouth, I knew it was wrong so I started laughing. 

Later on, she went up to her bunk and rest while I got out and continued eating the french fries. Claris kept laughing at me because apparently I said that I had to eat it and I kept forcing her to eat it also. After awhile we both fell asleep.

I think we got up at about 9 or 10. Felt so much better and went and took a bath. Went downstairs to drink coffee, tea, strawberries and leftover fries at about 11. Then all of sudden it was 1:56am. We were like wtf? How did time suddenly fly by, clearly we were still kinda out of it. We went back up to bed and slept. 

What. a. trip.  

So that’s the end of THEIR story, whereas Charis and I had a very boring day. Oh well. 

End of day 3!



15 thoughts on “Hi, Amsterdam! | 3

  1. Ahhh you’re so courageous to try the herring! Not many tourists like to try it! You should have payed a visit to the museum you were standing in front of, it’s a very cool one 🙂 Haha the story you added about the coffee shop is so funny :p

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  2. Man those characters have really similar names to you & Charis. Sounds like they had an awesome experience with their first time smoking. 🙂

    That milkshake looks freakin’ fantastic! & I would have probably loved that herring! Yum!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, wow, ok the architecture really is something else. Aww, now I really wanna go there too! I love taking photos of buildings but I can never find the really fascinating ones, where I am. Excuse me while I go have a word with my bucket list!

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