Update: Assignments & Arbite

So, I’ve barely been updating this blog and its so annoying. I have accumulated a shit ton of ideas and all that I just need to write. The ideas I have take some time to put together so I can’t just bang it all out on the spot like the few posts I have during May-June. I literally just submitted my last assignment for this intensive semester one minute ago and I’m here doing a tiny update. 

What’s really annoying is, I will be starting a new semester in 5 days without being given the usual one month holiday. Because I am studying in a university where the schedule is planned around whenever the lecturers can come in, we don’t have a fixed curriculum so we just accommodate to whatever the timings are as each semester comes. From May all the way to the year’s end December, I technically don’t have any real holiday. This, of course sucks but oh well! 

This past 2 months since I returned from Europe has been, mmm mediocre I guess, aside from school work I feel like these months were pretty unfulfilling. I didn’t do much creatively or anything outside the modicum of ordinary and typical. I haven’t seen my friends in quite awhile because our schedules are just impossible to work around. It makes me kinda sad and unmotivated to do get my shit done, with a lot of procrastination! Ooops! 

I did manage to finish 2 books during these final weeks of June. One of them being Bonfire by Krysten Ritter and At the Devil’s Table by William C. Rempel. Also, a post I have long procrastinated (6 months) is about Catcher in The Rye by J.D Salinger because its such a complex novel to process. It will take me awhile to write out my thoughts about them because I HAVE GOT TO GET MY EUROPE POSTS OUT ASAP. I can’t believe its been two months, I really hope I still remember what happened. 

Also, Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi and the Migrant Journal (explores the circulation of people, goods, information, but also fauna and flora, around the world and the transformative impact they have on space) have caught my eye recently BUT BUT BUT I feel an obligation to actually finish what I have in my library first before purchasing new ones. URGH the pain! Currently, I’m on Homoedeus, I abandoned it halfway the last time so I’m gonna hopefully solder on this time!

Later on at 6:30pm, I’m meeting Miss Tay to gym! OH RIGHT GYM, I haven’t been to the gym for the longest time. My friends and I have all seemed to lost the steam which makes me really sad because I really like challenging myself physically and getting stronger.

Last Night…

Anyways, after submitting my final essay for the module Asian Cinema, my family and I went out for a nice dinner FINALLY. At one of my favorite cafe Arbite. And most shocking of all, my brother joined. 

kdpro_2018-06-25-19-56-09_developed1504284989580718695.jpgArbite Lemonade.kdpro_2018-06-25-19-50-33_developed109225260680912495.jpgMom.kdpro_2018-06-25-19-50-42_developed613830718446614647.jpgBro.kdpro_2018-06-25-19-56-21_developed7759118779328541764.jpgThe cafe.kdpro_2018-06-25-20-00-40_developed2169044952305536385.jpgCream of Corn.kdpro_2018-06-25-20-00-36_developed9139544155724757019.jpgTruffle fries.kdpro_2018-06-25-20-04-54_developed3784883849100225205.jpgsmoked salmon, avocaodo, eggs on brioche bun.kdpro_2018-06-25-20-03-16_developed1624394803892633422.jpgBeef bowl. kdpro_2018-06-25-20-08-02_developed6935814148470462256.jpgBuah Keluak Pastakdpro_2018-06-25-20-41-58_developed1539056365321845691.jpgAftermath.

The bill came up to a whopping $75.30. I have to say, it did not feel worth it. I used to really love it here but its standards seem to be getting pretty poor. Hmmm. 

Anyways, afterthat we walked around at the mini mall at Serangoon garden while waiting for our ride, we even went to the terrace to check out the view and I decided to stomp my feet as I walked because its very ‘romantic’ up there and I didn’t want to stumble into any couples HAHAHA! 

Later, my brother’s friend who was taking him to supper, fetched my mom and I home and that was it! It was a nice night! 😀

Alright, later gators!


12 thoughts on “Update: Assignments & Arbite

  1. Aw, that’s horrible that you won’t be getting your casual month off of school. I have The Catcher in the Rye but I’ve not gotten to reading it yet. I will do so before the summer ends! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it! Looking forward to the rest of your Europe posts too. 😉

    The food looks so good! So sad it didn’t taste that way!

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  2. That’s rough that you don’t get a break!! Maybe you can keep your eyes open for a long weekend and plan a ‘stay-cation’ with your friends! Hanging out and being able to relax with good friends is always a great mental break for me that can help me be more motivated when it’s time to work again. Looking forward to your Europe posts! But make sure to take some time for you outside of school and blogging!

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  3. That food looks so good, but $75 does seem steep! I will look forward to your Catcher in the Rye post, because that’s a book I keep meaning to read but never do. I’ve never heard of Migrant Journal, but I will definitely put that on my Goodreads TBR shelf!

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  4. my god, when you were talking about coming back from europe and feeling demotivated I felt that in my SOUL. Honestly, after doing anything fun like travelling coming home feels so lacklustre and like im not doing enough with my time and then im demotivated because like what? is? the? point? then???? Hope you get you find time in your schedules to meet your friends and do fun shit girl! x

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