Sunshine Blogger Award

picsart_06-18-098469446711027206852.jpgAwhile ago, Oxria nominated me for this and I had only noticed it recently!  Thank you for this, it means a lot because I’m so inspired by the content and creatives of your blog! In case yall don’t already know, she has a well designed (she does all her designs herself) blog that she is self-hosting and she churns out wonderful content diligently! Go follow if you haven’t already!

Anyways, these are my questions…

1.What is your favourite dish?

There is so many I simply cannot decide. Oyster omelet, Truffle fries, Carbonara, Avocado, Pork Belly, Steak, Duck Confit, Foie Gras. What I do hate are oysters.

2018-06-18 106750091332611498678..jpgPork belly and Char siew2018-06-18 108450484569155395294..jpgTandoori chicken2018-06-18 107993569877790808215..jpgKFC mozerella zinger burger2018-06-18 101259907045394949238..jpgCheese dippers

Any excuse to include food photos heheh.

2.Do you have any pets? 

Yes. One adorable baby puds!20180618_2238461009592047875434570.jpg

3.What is your favourite song right now?

Right now, it would be Marshmello ft Khalid – Silence.

4.How long have you been blogging for?

Since July 23, 2016. That’s two years. Wow! I’m so happy and I want this blog to go even more creative!

5.Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Introvert. Trying my best to be an extrovert but…bed.

6.What is something you love about yourself?

Overthinker? It helps me understand and empathize with people but such a pain because it puts me under a misery cloud very often.

7.Give your best piece of advice!

Ok doing my best… Always maintain a childlike sense of enthusiasm. It will keep you young, happy and kind. 





Now, these are my questions:

1.  Would you rather be able to teleport but become genetically mutated (e.g. a missing limb, higher IQ, become taller, autoimmune disease) after each event or be able to read minds but the more people are around you the more pain and stress you feel (e.g. concerts, big malls, airports would render you unconscious)? Why?

2.  One thing that happens in the world you cannot wrap your head around.

3.  What is your favorite food?

4.  What is the most important thing you have learned in 2018?

5.  What is your favorite show of all time?

6. What do you love about yourself?

7. Give your best piece of advice.



17 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. I love opening your blog and seeing that gorgeous backdrop.

    Oh God the cheese dippers look absolute scrumptious. You did an amazing job with the food photography, hahah I totally get your love for food photography! It’s my one (debatable) vice, j’know?
    Is that a hamster? Their eyes are beautiful.
    Loved your answers and omygod, i completely forgot: CONGRATULATIONSSS

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yayy!! Thank you for answering the questions!
    The food looks sooooo delicious… I’m hungry now! And I relate so much to your answer to question #5, haha. It’s not our fault, it’s the bed’s fault!
    Thank you once again for doing this award! Reading your answers was a lot of fun! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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