LUSH Haul!

One (well, a few) amazing things in the EU was LUSH PRODUCTS at a significantly cheaper price. In Singapore, Lush is so extremely overpriced and expensive, whilst in London, they were essentially drugstore priced. YES YES YES YES. I finally get to try this much raved after brand.2018-05-01 068198330161508933402..jpgEverything I got, I only regret not getting even more, its such a wonderful plethora of amazing-ness!2018-05-01 065010059177098404999..jpgMask of Magnaminty self-preserving (face mask)

I just realized the minty pun, HAHA! This mask is quite grainy but liquid enough to easily cover your face with. Its so cooling on the face and it leaves your face really soft and extremely clean and glowing. This is a common trend in all the masks so I really like it because it makes your skin look extremely young and supple, hohoho!2018-05-01 064522710526441740256..jpgAngels on Bare Skin (facial cleanser)

This product, I have to say, does not smell great. The lavender with the clay is not a great combination but, its such an easy to use a cleanser in which you only need a small amount and it really makes my skin glowy!2018-05-01 063873110557772784007..jpgDark Angels (facial cleanser)

I asked for a recommendation to help with acne-ridden skin and this is supposed to thoroughly clean out the impurities of the skin (clean skin = no dirt and bacteria to cause acne) This was meant for my brother and so far he likes it because it makes his skin really clean and glowy! When I tried it, I made the mistake of leaving it on my skin because somehow I thought it was a mask and it was a nightmare trying to remove it because the black stain wouldn’t leave my face until I used another facial cleanser to wash it off.  Aside from that, its still pretty good and doesn’t dry my face out.

My brother has been using it for awhile now in conjunction with his medication, and I have to say his skin is actually improving drastically for the first time ever! 2018-05-01 065921932332017886800..jpgSleepy (body lotion)

I have heard so much about it and every time I go into a lush store I always smell this lovely purple concoction, but of course, I could never get it because it is simply too expensive…until now! Luckily, this lotion can last quite a while unlike most of its fresh stuff. Truth be told, it does NOT cure my insomnia, it is definitely very soothing to smell and quite viscous on the skin.

BUT, please note that I do live in Singapore, a very humid and hot country that despite living here forever, I simply cannot acclimate, I go to bed uncomfortable and wake up in this sticky layer. Gosh, I really fucking hate the weather here, BRING ME BACK TO EUROPE. For people who sleep in a comfortable temperature, I can imagine the scent just lulling you to sleep and the lotion being just nice on the skin.2018-05-01 061095836916764330256..jpgSkin’s Shangri La (facial moisturizer)

Ho ho ho, this was a pricey one. In Singapore, this cream right here is listed for $104. Yes this tiny tub, but in London, it was $29.95. After conversion, S’pore sells it for an extra $48 dollars. WOW. I MEAN WOW.

I decided to splurge on this because I’ve had a dry patch on my skin since forever, and I am sick of how everything I’ve tried doesn’t seem to work. So far, I do not know whether it’s my face having a hard time adjusting and thus becoming oilier due to being back in S’pore or the product really does work and a little goes a long way! My dry patch is no longer dry but it is kinda bumpy and unevenly colored as the skin previously kept peeling.

It smells really delicious and its full of premium ingredients such as the Queen of Hungary’s Water, almond oil, jojoba oil, wheatgrass juice, seaweed, aloe vera, cocoa butter, evening primrose oil, coconut oil etc. All rich ingredients for well-being. 2018-05-01 067952779257670348323..jpgFull of Grace (face serum)

This serum was recommended to me to further aid with my dry skin. It looks kinda rough here because Singapore is so hot the bar melted when I reached home so I had to refrigerate it. This serum is supposedly great for helping ingredients further permeate the skin, increasing product’s potency. You just rub the bar over your hands and then rub it onto your face, whether its a mask or a facial cream, it helps to increase efficacy! Its cheap and it’s simple so why not!2018-05-01 063159733835368811151..jpgBuffy Body Butter (shower scrub)

This was for the days where I wanted to sleuth of all the dead skin and feel extra clean. It smells of course, so delicious you just want to eat it. However, the person did tell me that’d I have to use hot water so that it could melt off. Now that I am in such a hot country I didn’t feel much like taking a hot bath so what resulted was my skin being quite waxy plus the accompanying humidity made it really shitty. Probably better for use in the cold.

2018-05-01 061892618665166839291..jpgScrubee Body Butter (shower moisturizer)

I’ve never taken much care of the rest of my body aside from my face so I thought I would try this cute little body butter! You need to use it a little to expose the exfoliation beads (the black stripes on the bee!), it smells like honey although there is this accompanying salty smell to it. It’s also one of those things where you gotta use hot water to melt it off.

All in all, I found Lush to be more amusing than effective. Maybe because I do not have skin that has special needs and so the difference isn’t the biggest for me. I still really love it though, they are so deliciously fun! I am so SAD I don’t get to explore more of their stuff here in Singapore because it is simply too expensive.


23 thoughts on “LUSH Haul!

  1. I love Lush Cordelia. Here in Australia it’s much cheaper too. I couldn’t believe the price when I saw it in Singapore! I swear by the Full of Grace bar. I have very dry skin, especially now as it’s Winter here. I use Full of Grace and Skin drink moisturiser combined, and I love it. 🙂

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  2. Great haul! I absolutely love Lush – especially the Mask Of Magnaminty! I’ve read great reviews about it and can’t wait to try it one day!
    What made you choose the self-preserving one over the normal one? 🙂

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  3. I love lush but it’s so expensive in Singapore, my wallet cries everytime I step into a Lush store smh. AND OMG FINALLY SOMEONE WHO CAN RELATE?

    I hate the weather here 😦 especially now it’s alternating between hot, humid, rainy it’s just gross af

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  4. Oh gosh, I can’t imagine not having access to Lush products – they’re amazing! Magnaminty mask is probably my all time favourite mask 🙂 I’ve never tried Dark Angel but it sounds like it’d be great for my skin type xx

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  5. I’ve never tried Lush products but I’ve always heard great things about them! I really want to try out the Sleepy body lotion, that sounds amazing!! I love soothing, relaxing scents! Super informative post, I enjoyed the read!! 💖

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