Sumo Happy Bar

About a week ago, my mom just randomly asked me if I was free for lunch and she finally brought me to the place that supposedly had the best luncheon meat ever! 

I love that she made this impromptu plan with me, I had school in the morning and the idea that my mom would take me out to eat a good lunch is SUCH A FANTASTIC FEELING. So simple but makes me so happy!

Nestled somewhere near fortune center (gotta try the jap curry house there one day) it took me so long to find it in hot and humid Singapore with jeans. urghhhh.

2018-05-19 016599917130648572671..jpgWaiting for our food, that was a long 20-30 minutes

SO, the place was really small, like cafe sized, it probably can’t fit more than 20-30 people.2018-05-19 017774894373728970382..jpgBar area

Service was pretty bad, even though there were only 10-15 people there when we went, food took 20-30 minutes to come and our waitress was so nonchalant.picsart_05-19-017729229693817932581.jpgOxtail Ramen ($21)picsart_05-19-014341975284627098262.jpgTender slow-roasted ox tail and braised beef tendon in tonkotsu broth

The ramen was really good, broth was thick and nice, beef was good, overall a good and inventive ramen. picsart_05-19-017009223775242854282.jpgMom enjoying it.picsart_05-19-01521647434283051892.jpgLunch set: Loco Moco Donburi ($18)picsart_05-19-015540815450261218839.jpgPan-seared foie gras and house-made Nagano pork luncheon meat with a fried quail egg, served with black sesame castella cake and heirloom tomato salad

The rice was legit Japanese rice, the kind you can’t find in local super markets so it was really good, the luncheon meat is really nice maybe because it didn’t come straight out of a can and the foie gras was slightly seared and fatty as hell. Personally I prefer my foie gras really cooked because I find the flavor more potent that way but I know that’s not usually how its served. 

 Food was delicious but portions were small and pricey imo. WORTH IT? NUH UH UH.



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