Sixth Week

PicsArt_08-12-09.07.267 –  13 August 2017

Monday – Happy Birthday Jing Wen! I’m not sure if she reads my blog but its her birthday today! She’s my second friend in poly and I’ll always remember how adorable she was because she partnered with me on Orientation and after we completed a duo task she was like HI-5 YAY! Super cute. I wished her at around 1030pm sunday because she is in Sydney and its alr 12am there. Later on school, at 830 then 1130 I went shopping around in Orchard with Kathy, my first friend in SIM and also she shares the same birthday with Yingjie! HAHA. It was quite nice to hang with her and it was actually pretty impromptu because I just mentioned I was going out alone and she was like lemme join you! Friendly and sweet gal! The rest of my night was pretty standard except that i slept really early (10-11pm), very odd for me.

Tuesday – Woke up at around 4am, and started scrolling through sephora to look for masks i want to use then went back to sleep. Super random LOL. School at 330, boring day in school, i left early because i learnt my lesson last week and frankly today was disappointing, people keep disappointing me sigh. Tml should be an exciting day tho! The night is really cold which is highly unusual for Singapore in August. Its due to rainfall that has been travelling throughout Singapore and I guess cooling it down VERY SIGNIFICANTLY. Its already 4am so I’m gonna try and sleep. 24 hours hmm…

Wednesday – No school today, its a public holiday! Yayy, I got my samsung S8 today! Made a whole post about it to commemorate it, because I wanted a new phone since like a year ago and throughout from 2016 to 17 I’m like yes yes yes getting closer, yes yes yes. YESSSSS. Spent like the whole afternoon and evening transferring stuff to my phone, signing into my apps etc.

Later in the evening I went to the supermarket with my mom to buy some groceries for dinner and when I went off to go grab some sausages alone, this guy came up to me and just kept asking me if I was cold, if I wanted to be friends and when I said no, he was like saying ‘if you have that kind of attitude, you are not going to have any friends’ and he just kept trying to shake my hand wanting to be friends and I said no, i have enough friends. I just kept saying no to everything he said until he went away. Urgh, it was so creepy and I just felt so uncomfortable, I kept urging my mom to leave quickly because I was really ‘hungry’. I didn’t tell her about the creep because I didn’t want her to worry, she already puts me in a tight box, simply because I am a girl, and its so unfair. These are just problems a guy wouldn’t normally have. Sigh.

Anyways, its 4am right now, AGAIN, I didn’t finish the things I want to do today, so tml is going to be jam-packed. Gonna hit the hay.

Thursday – No school today. Woke up late, around 12? Made myself some lunch and was ready for a full day of work. BUTTTTTT, my mom came back from a viewing around 230 and said she was going to Vivo at 330…and I tagged along. HAHA, i felt abit guilty because I had so much school work to do! I wanted to shop around for abit because I feel like my shopping list is never fulfilled!? Last week and this Monday, I went shopping but I never end up getting anything I want. Sadly, this time, it was a wasted trip AGAIN. From 4 to around 6 o’clock, I was wandering vivocity alone while my mom was at pasir panjang doing her viewing. As time progressed, I just felt more and more like sad? Probs cause I kinda wasted my day again, was walking around aimlessly (my legs are so tired) in a mall, just waiting for my mother to be done so we could go home, and then queuing to buy dinner during peak hour, went to get a phone protector AGAIN by a salesperson with a shitty attitude who took sooo long to put the protector AND THEN IT TURNED OUT, THE PROTECTOR WAS JUST AS POOR AS THE PREVIOUS,  it was just a smorgasbord of little irritating things. Its 1128pm now and I just finished bathing, gonna try and get some work done!

Friday – School at 12 to 3! Today was a rainy day thank god. Although the humidity just destroyed my hair but cooling day, which is so great in August. Yassss. Went home excited to meet Charis later BUT she was fast asleep. I was like oh nooooooooo, but then she woke up like 2 hours after we were supposed to meet and we talked and watched coraline together till 252AM. Coraline is such a magical beautiful piece of show. The colors, the score is just oh fanatastic!

Saturday – Woke up at 10am, recieved a message that Charis is abit sick! Today we were supposed to film for my school project! But then later she messaged me that she could come and film so we did the work from 4 to 7! THANKGOD I have my best friend to do it with because its SO MUCH MORE FUN.

CaptureSorry for bursting in laughter and spitting all over you! HAHA. Gonna see her again tml to film the rest. Took a picture of this payphone when I walked Charis back home because it seems like they are slowly removing them one by one! Payphones were so important to my existence back when I was young!

Sunday – Again, was supposed to meet Charis from 9 to 12 to continue filming but SLEEPYHEAD COULDN’T WAKEUP. I went to sleep at like 3am and woke up around 8, started prepping my camera into position, waiting for her to get up but she never did till like 11:47. This makes me panic a bit because we can only meet on wed and its due on fri! This is going to cut very close! I’m going to try and do most of my other assignments so my weekdays will be free for the project. Just gonna be a boring day ahead.

Ok, its currently 229AM, printing my lecture notes for tml, have to be up at 630am… 4 hours sleep…yay. I ended up doing only half my assignments, oops. Gonna upload this post now!

This was a pretty wordy post aint it! 


8 thoughts on “Sixth Week

  1. I remember needing to use payphones to get my parents to pick us up from the movies! Lol so crazy they are almost obsolete. Ummm and I haaate people like the guy you bumped into at the store! It’s like… take a hint and walk away dude! Lol Have a good week!

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