Fifth week

PicsArt_08-04-11.39.5231st July – 6th August 2017

Monday – early school at 8:30 as usual, but totally okay with it because it means the rest of the day is mine, after class, I went on a shopping trip although I didn’t end up buying anything! Came home, fell asleep, dinner, Netflix and sleep.

Tuesday – class from 3:30 to 6:30, the lecture is such a waste of time honestly, one of my friends had the smart idea of leaving at 4:30 because she didn’t want to go home during peak hour but the rest of us stayed. Bleah, ended up reaching home at 8 because traffic was terrible. Next week I am definitely leaving at 4:30 too!

Wednesday – same lecture, same guy as Tuesday, although the lesson was 12 to 3, i still left at 1:30 because I just can’t be bothered to listen to him talk hahaha. Went home, finished my conceptual video. project reflection and weekly reflection! Was supposed to meet Charis but she couldn’t make it again! ):

Thursday – NO SCHOOL. I wanted to get a lot done but woke up with zero motivation for LIFE. urghhh. I only managed to roll myself to the toilet at 2pm and realized why I’m having a terrible mood. Girls know what I mean. For the rest of the afternoon, I was just in a lot of pain and passed out till 7:30pm. But good thing, I met Charis at night and we chatted about graduation and our life dreams etc. Later we went to Sheng siong at like 12am to buy ingredients for Cedric’s dinner (chicken breast, chicken stock, milk and rosemary), one pot chicken pasta! I also introduced her to h3h3 – ethan and hila klein! Also, we wanna go to BRIGHTON, I hope we’ll like the place and live there maybe? But the UK is like a really expensive place to live in so I’m not sure also. The next time we’ll be meeting each other is 11 and 12 Aug! I can’t wait!

Friday – Lecture today and hmm, well some adults can be so complacent and cocky…you know how some people just talk and don’t let people finish their sentence. It was a nice day nonetheless but I got a lot of shit to do. I wanted to work on Sunday and Wednesday (National day) but its fully booked already ): too bad eh. BOOO missed my chance for double pay!

I saw this on someone’s instagram story and I AM SO JEALOUS!? BOBA TEA IN A GLASS JAR WITH A CAP. Omg that’s so fking awesome because no.1, You can put it in your bag instead of ‘losing’ a hand, no.2 when you finish it you can re-use the glass bottle, no.3 drinking sea salt crema in oolong tea through glass is so much more tasty than through a plastic straw, this sounds like BS but i swear its not, the medium in which your liquid is delivered does factor into the ultimate taste of the drink. PLENTEA PLEASE COME TO SINGAPORE. ):

Saturday – Had a really lazy morning. Later at around 4pm, I headed out to meet my mom at liang court and I got some new stationery, a $5 2017 batman moleskin weekly planner and Homer’s Odyssey, I can’t wait to read that although it is daunting because its essentially ancient and considering how I’m from modern times, I may not be able to understand it. Later I had dinner there and bought some groceries from meidiya then headed home. Continued having a lazy night and then went to bed.

Sunday – Planned to wakeup at 930 but ended up sleeping till 11 and lazing around in bed till 12 plus, eeek. Mom came to me and asked if i wanted to go out for lunch but somehow the plan got foiled because my brother didn’t want to join us. Major sigh. Later on, i did some filming, cooked my kale lunch, posted it on WP. Rested awhile and wrote my script for my making media project 2. Charis is going to be my interviewee and we will be filming next week! After I finish dinner, I’m going to go edit my morning filming stuff, I’m not sure how long its going to take but if it isn’t going to be the last thing I do, I’m probably gonna just youtube till its bedtime.

So next week, is going to be a relatively chill week but its also going to be the LAST of chill weeks because my timetable is different every week and after next week, the schedule is a lot more packed. bleah. I’m not feeling too great right now, my mood is kinda taking a dip but next week on national day something really exciting is going to happen plus time with charissss so I’m just going to look forward to that!


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