Nice things July brings

Hi everyone, it’s that time of the month again! Well, more like end of the month. It didn’t really fly by for me, i can’t believe so much has happened within a month but I can see August is going to be a fast month and before we know it, it will be new year’s eve!

This month I didn’t really get anything super fun or cool but just wanted to share abit on my blog so here goes!

#1 Purple IKEA lantern  PicsArt_08-03-04.26.40I kinda bought it on a whim back from my trip to IKEA, this is such a classic IKEA lamp and when I had never seen it in purple before so I just grabbed it! Candlelight is so warm and inviting, its nice to just stare at it in the night.

#2 Natural Aqua Gel CUREPicsArt_08-03-04.47.20This product is quite pricey ($39, Original price $49) but I decided to try it to see what its about and honestly I like it. Its a gel that you’re supposed to use to rub your cleaned face with to further remove dead skin and the gel turns into little white bits. When I washed my face off, I did have that dewy skin look you usually get after exfoliating and it made my skin feel soft and nice! Would I buy it again? Depends on how long it takes to finish and probably only at its sale price.

#3 NUDESTIX Intense matte lip + cheek pencil (Stiletto)PicsArt_08-03-04.39.26Truthfully, I keep buying their products because of the founders Taylor and Ally Frankel, they are such young, cool, California millennials starting their own makeup brand and I just love who the brand is represented by! This is just a bright red lipstick for normal everyday wear, its simple, its a classic color hence SOLD.

#4 the catcher in the rye by J.D Salinger PicsArt_08-03-04.40.59I’ve had this book for quite awhile and I am finally getting to it! So far so good, I like the style of writing, nothing pretentious. Some times author’s try too hard to set the scene with fancy adjectives and it comes off so hoitey toitey rather than genuine but this is nothing like that, so far I’m only at the part where caulfield had just returned to his room after accompanying his dorm mate to the toilet but I’m enjoying it!

#5 SIGMA 18-35mm f/1.8 lensPicsArt_08-03-04.34.39I just got this new lens and holy shit its fucking awesome! The low aperture is everything, it really blurs the hell out of the background making my photos look so darn professional! I can’t wait to go out on more photo shoots with my best friend! My brother and I got this second hand for $590, it retails for a lot more but so far we are really loving it. THE BAD THOUGH? its darn heavy!

#6 A yellow pudding named teardropPicsArt_08-03-04.29.54Last but not least, my new hamster! He’s been with me for about a month! He is so adorable! He still doesn’t really know how to control his bladder as he is still peeing when outside of the cage. If you’ve had a hamster you’d know hamsters are usually pee-shy but not poop-shy. They usually need privacy when peeing but I guess he still doesn’t know how to control. He is growing up so quickly, and I already miss its super small size.

Alright, that’s it for this post! I will see y’all at the end of the month again, hopefully with newer, cooler things. Adios!


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