Short | listen not hear

There’s nothing new to be learned from hearing yourself speak.

PicsArt_07-18-02.02.27We’ve all had that friend right? The one that cannot stop talking about themselves. And every time you try to do your part in participating in the conversation, its clear they only want you to listen to them talk, they don’t genuinely want your opinion or interjection, they couldn’t care less about what you think. 

I can’t understand. Sure, I have definitely had times where I droned on and on but only under the circumstance where the other party simply doesn’t want to participate or gives one-dimensional answers when I ask for their opinion and I have to keep talking to prevent the long awkward lulls. Which is exhausting and boring because how lame is it to talk about things you already know.

I’ve had people blatantly ignoring my opinion and then continuing with their talk or interrupt me with something completely off-topic (once, I was talking about something emotional and this person interrupted me to talk about a pimple that was forming on her brow…classy) It’s quite hilarious when in the moment, but after a few minutes it dawned on me how ridiculous the situation was. 

To listen to someone talk incessantly is, well, interesting because I genuinely want to learn about a person’s nature. I love hearing people talk about themselves, when you talk about your ideology, I want to know why, I want to pinpoint which situation in your life formulated your thinking, what did you see that made you think this way? The ones that intrigue me the most are people who think the MOST differently from me. You don’t believe in monogamy? Please explain. You don’t believe in religion? Me too, but I’d rather hear someone else who believes in it. We most likely won’t be best friends but its always enriching to hear a contrasting opinion. 

The whole point of a conversation is to bounce and share ideas together, you say something, i reply and you reply in conjunction. But when they ignore my reply and keep talking as if I said nothing, they end up in a conversation with only themselves. Where’s the fun in learning things you already know about yourself? Are you a narcissist, is that why? Or am I more boring than what you already know about yourself? What is it that makes you so myopic, to center your vision solely on yourself?

My point is, to try listening. There are 7 billion people in this world, and you have your eye and mind focused only on yourself. That’s too small, too uninteresting! Expand your mind by eating other people’s thoughts and see how it beats around, there is so much to see beyond the confines of yourself. So much more to learn.

Don’t be one the little people. 

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