photoshoot at 2:30am

Life looks better when your entire view is just a night sky of starry stars.

FRIDAY 14 JULY 2017 | Late night talking with my oldest best friend. We talked about life, watched over the garden wall together and then early in the morning went for a photo shoot in a parking structure. Reached home only at 4am. 

PicsArt_07-15-02.54.35Look at you kids, you know you’re the coolestPicsArt_07-15-07.22.05The world is yours and you keep refusingPicsArt_07-15-03.03.04Seen so much, you could get the blues butPicsArt_07-15-08.20.19That don’t mean that you should abuse itPicsArt_07-15-10.59.12And its enough just to make you go crazy…

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