Second week in school



Monday – It was a more relaxing day because school ended at 3, reached home probably around 4:40. Looked through my critical essay and submitted it, hopefully it isn’t going to return poor results.

Tuesday – It was a tiring day cause we all had to stay back for our group project after class which ended at 6:30, but we kept sharing ghost stories and horror stuff like the elevator game. Later we went to Beauty World’s McDonald and finally headed home. Nice day!

Wednesday – The first round of presentations, some did pretty great some did pretty poorly. After class we stayed back to practice and rehearse our presentation.

Thursday – Our day to present. The teacher said it was ‘wonderful’ and our presentation was very coherent. YAY. 

Friday – Our last day with our visiting lecturer and final debrief for our final essay. I was so happy Friday was finally here because I get to meet Charis again! Literally the ‘event’ that was driving me all throughout the week. Almost couldn’t see her cause she fell ill. Will post more on our time later! 

So that was my week, its pretty okay! Although I haven’t done much creatively and it makes me feel so unproductive, but telling myself its okay, because I have been busy with school and its okay to be lazy… isit though? HAHA. Really can’t drag my feet like this, time flies by so fast, I have got to capitalize. Blehh, Sunday I will be working the whole day so that’s kinda a ‘waste’ of my time but at least I’m earning some cash. Adios!

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