First week in school

It is currently 7:15pm on a Sunday, and on Monday I am about to do it all again.

This week felt short yet tumultuous. Going back to school was traumatizing, not the schooling part really but the relinquishing of my freedom. I haven’t properly studied since September 2015, so almost 2 years!

Anyways, in vague descript, here is my week:

Monday – ok, but so much anxiety, primarily before and after school,  oddly not during. :/

Tuesday – long day in school (12- 6:30, reached home at 8) very sad and bad day.

Wednesday – ok, stayed back in school for project but came home and felt really poor.

Thursday – was an ok day, I was getting excited because it was Friday tml and I could see Charis very soon!

Friday – the best day of the week, emotionally wise this was the best day too. I met up with Hee Siang for a brief chat and food. Later on, I went home in a jovial mood looking forward to my meetup with Charis, it was actually the thing that was driving me all through the week, my motivation. BUT SHE DISAPPOINTED ME, SAID SHE COULDN’T MAKE IT, so we settled to meet for about 1 hour instead and to push our ‘date’ to Sunday night.

Saturday – slept in because I was so tired, spent pretty much the whole day doing my online review essay. And I also got my new hamster! A yellow pudding, he is so tiny and so nervous and scared around me, its so cute but hopefully he will adjust soon!

Sunday – got up early and went to a viewing with my mother at upper weld road, pray it went well and it gets sold soon. Unfortunately, my 3ds decides to break down and now I have to send it for repair asap before my warranty expires. Later we went to the famous roadside flea market, which has been part of Singapore for so long but the government is chasing all the people away for whatever reasons. We went to Bugis later on and I managed to get 2 pieces of clothing. And then back home we head! As soon as I reached home, the dread has arrived, jeez, fucking hate this. How did my weekend go over so damn fast!

This post was pretty boring, but going into details is way too personal for me. I can’t wait to go back to my normal writing soon!

Hopefully I WILL be meeting Charis in a few hours. (12:42am update: we did but some things didn’t go as planned)



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