Brandon Woelfel Dedication

Instagram: @brandonwoelfel Twitter: @Brandonwoelfel I first found his instagram via his friend/model Charlotte Mckee, because she was so pretty. I remember he had only about 20k followers and he was just starting up, he was in school for digital arts and its clear that throughout the years his digital manipulation skills has blown up! He… Continue reading Brandon Woelfel Dedication


Short | listen not hear

There’s nothing new to be learned from hearing yourself speak. We’ve all had that friend right? The one that cannot stop talking about themselves. And every time you try to do your part in participating in the conversation, its clear they only want you to listen to them talk, they don’t genuinely want your opinion… Continue reading Short | listen not hear


Second week in school

Briefly, Monday – It was a more relaxing day because school ended at 3, reached home probably around 4:40. Looked through my critical essay and submitted it, hopefully it isn’t going to return poor results. Tuesday – It was a tiring day cause we all had to stay back for our group project after class… Continue reading Second week in school