Miss Pegerine’s Peculiar Children series | Ransom Riggs

Just when I thought I was too old for novels, I find this book and oh gosh, I rediscovered my love for reading fiction! Books like these ARE indeed a garden carried in your pocket.

The books were written based on a bunch of vintage photos that the author collected, inspiring the start of a story.

First of, a brief premise of the book; the series is about peculiardom, its kinda like marvel superheroes but more kid-friendly and magical, and unlike being labelled a mutant, the superpowered beings in this story are called peculiars. The series takes you on an amazing adventure/peculiar war on self-discovery, friendship, love, bravery and so much more. The books weaved its narrative into the timeline of WW2, which provided for a tragic setting an adds a darker more chaotic tone to the miserable journey of our peculiars, although I have not seen the movie, the story and tone is perfect for Tim Burton to take the rails for the movie! or Henry Selick, my personal bias because I love Coraline the movie.

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The best part about the book is it brings so many unique personalities together and yet its kind of double-edged sword because you’d wish each character had more ‘screen time’. The book was written in a first person perspective, so that meant the author only explored the minor characters in a rather one dimensional light,  BUT I’m still incredibly intrigued by them and only wished they were more well-developed! The other thing that bothered me was NOT ENOUGH PHOTOS, sometimes my imagination can only stretch that far, and I would love for more but I guess that’s just how it is.

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I don’t want to give too much away because the greatness of this series is in the details, every time I pick it up, I am so grappled by the story and my friends once commented that I looked like I was studying for an exam because I was so focused and not participating in conversations.

I highly recommend this series, because its a lovely tale with great characters, lessons, plot twists and unique settings. One thing that struck me was the main protagonist, who was just living this boring life, leading to a possibly 9-5 job, mundane in every way,  wondering if it would get any better and then his life just explodes in the craziest way. And for some of us who feels like we are stuck on a certain path or routine, it serves as a piece of hope that great things can still happen, maybe not as life-changing or maybe EVEN MORE SO, who knows? Its your life, its your story to write.

So all in all, this trilogy is a 5/5. And I recently googled, and there were articles saying that Ransom Riggs is going to be continuing the story and will be releasing a book this fall, which is exciting because there were some loose ends that I feel could use some resolve. cough cough character deaths cough! I CAN’T WAIT TO FOLLOW JACOB’S ADVENTURE THROUGH AMERICA!

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