Met up with my secondary school friends and wow, I don’t think I can condense the whole day and our friendship in a post but I still want to make this post because I want to be able to reflect and remember in the future, wherever I may be!

Third meet-up of the year, hopefully much more in the second half! Our day started at 1210pm! We talked alot as usual and had alota fun, watched wonder woman with only Jiayi and Eunice because YJ watched with her boyfriend already!!!!! ANGRY. hahah Later on went to our usual spot at orchard to talk and talk and talk. I love it. Processed with VSCO with  presetAt Briyani House, Compasspoint. ‘Promoting’ their milo.Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetBootiful models.Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetHere’s our journey: Somerset MRT > Cathay Cineleisure for WW > Ion orchard to meet YJ > Coco Ichibanya > Cotton On > The Editor’s market (313) > The Editor’s market (cineleisure) because Jiayi wanted to find her pants, which is super nice! YJ got a really nice pants too! > Sephora at Ion to try Men’s perfume > Brandy Melville > H&M > walked around Ion to find Factorie > Factorie > The Editor’s Market (ION) > Jason’s supermarket, I’m so glad everyone seemed to have fun at a supermarket with me hehe > stalked a ‘celebrity’ > MRT to Sengkang > Mr Briyani house > Sat on one of the mall’s weird seats > Bus interchange to stand in the middle of both our buses arrival point > Back to each of our own home!

Now that I managed to recall our walking map, I understand why we were so tired!

By the end of the day we ended up at compasspoint, sitting in this 3 pronged chair, mostly zoned out and in silence because we basically spent 12 hours with each other. I could never spend that much time with others because the rapport I have with these girls just can’t be replicated with anyone else. After 3-6 hours, I’d definitely be like omg I need to go home liao pls but nope not with these girls, I only wished our day would never end.

11:47 PM our buses came and by 12:10AM I was home, 2AM, I was in bed, which is quite early for me. Happy memories. I simply love the easy days, just sitting down with old friends and enjoying each other’s company, no need for money to be spent on some fancy experience, just ol fashioned good company. Its weird how the simplest things makes us the happiest, they’re so rare.

Distinct memory from each person:

When Jiayi & I saw the same pants, that she bought previously, at ION, we decided to hide it so no one could buy it. HAHAHA the randomness!

When Eunice pronounced vegan as ve-gahn and it triggered a whole reaction from everyone to tease her to death. classic nice.

Whenever Yingjie speaks. SHE IS SO FUNNY MY GOD. When we lost sight of Eunice, I asked where is she and in deadpan Chinese she said Eunice is dead (Eunice si le.) then proceeded to knock on wood while I laughed my ass off. 

So glad I have these beautiful people in my life who helps me keep my faith in humanity. The sanctity of our friendship is something I hold so dear to my heart.

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