Wonder Woman

 It is not about what they deserve, its about what I believe, and I believe in love.

Yes, I finally watched Wonder Woman (2017)! About to reflect heavily on the movie like its my personal reddit, HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD!

ww1I loved Gal Gadot’s acting! Very strong despite not being a veteran actress. The thing that drawn me to watching a superhero movie was definitely because of her as a person. She is beautiful, charming, lovely in interviews, and a mother of two. She got married at the age of 23, had her first child at 27 and second child just 3 months ago, all this whilst pursuing acting as a career. She actually dropped out of law school to try and make it in acting. That’s amazing! Her most prominent role before was as Gisele in the Fast and Furious series and she was just about to quit acting when this gig came along and thank god it did, or we would have never discovered the talent that is Gal. I love how things worked out for her!


The movie was wonderful. There was a lot more dialogue and story than one would expect from a DC movie which was nice! The fight sequences were so cool, she is such a badass! One thing i realized was when Diana was fighting all the soldiers, she didn’t really kill anyone, she was mostly incapacitating everyone rather than driving a knife through them or something, which I was thought was a really nuanced but brilliant choice.

Throughout the movie, we see Diana grow and learn, almost like a child. She got on the sail. leaving themyscira optimistic that her journey was going to be simple, find Ares, kill him and world peace. But she slowly learns that evil and corruption is inherent in mankind, that Ares is not fully responsible. And in spite of all the horrors she saw, she chose to believe in the beauty of mankind, and that the little bit is worth saving.

But here’s the thing, this movie had one goal and only one in mind. Telling the story of Diana Prince becoming Wonder Woman, General Antiope had to die, to drive Diana to the Man’s world. Later on, Steve Trevor had to die, so Diana would harness enough rage to break free, then giving her a much stronger epiphany, to believe in the rare and dimming light of love. Personally, I hate that Diana had to keep on losing to the ugly of humanity to make her see that, to shape her into a tough-minded yet loving and empathetic warrior. On a side note, I believe that’s why Patty Jenkins fell in love with Gal as Wonder woman because the actress herself is so strong and resilient in character just like Wonder woman. GAL IS WONDER WOMAN.

On a less world-ending scale, I think we have all dealt with that. Sometimes we feel, the world does not deserve our kindness and we just give up and start being a realist and treating everyone like shit. It’s obvious most people have given up on being the nice guy. And those very people tend to mock those who are ‘overly nice’ and always gets stepped on. The crazy thing is those very nice people, the made a choice, to not take the easy road, they refused to let the evil jade them, they rebelled against the norm and decided, this is who I want to be and I’m not going to let the world convince me otherwise. Being that mean cynical person, is just the easy way out. You decided not to take chances anymore because you feel you aren’t strong enough to handle the pain and disappointment, in other words, you are the weak one. Integrity, is character that is tested. Real character reveals itself when under pressure. Always remember that choosing the morally correct but harder road doesn’t equate stupidity. That’s integrity.

wonder-woman-embargo-lift-image-full-236508In an interview with channel newsasia, the interviewer asked her that since in Israel (Gal Gadot’s homeland), both men and women have to enlist in the army when their time is due, whereas in Singapore, only the men have to enlist, does she believe that it should be compulsory for the women in Singapore to join the military too? 

Her Response: ‘ I’m Israeli, and in Israel, it is mandatory for everyone, women and men … but me personally? I hope that no country will ever need an army. I hope that we won’t be fighting each other. And that we can all live together, in co–existence and peace. ‘

I read this interview before watching the movie, didn’t think much of it, and this interview popped up in my head about an hour after the movie ended. Why? Because my friends and I were talking about those horrific war scenes in the movie, people getting blown up, losing their life or limbs, PTSD from being a sniper. Gal saves a village under siege, only to have those villagers end up dead and efforts rendered futile. She yells in agony and it was so heartbreaking. No one wins in a war. The purpose of war is peace but that’s such a huge irony. All the pain and trauma from war, all the people, they do not deserve it. And I realized, Gal was right, stop making military weapons, stop building an army, stop finding ways to destroy each other if ‘need be’. War should not be an option, that can never be the answer. 

The ending was kinda sad for me, but I guess more neutral for most. Ultimately, the war ended but Diana came out a tougher woman in spite of her losses. Really hated that Steve Trevor died but hopefully we’ll still see the insanely good looking Chris Pine in future installments! It was a heavy movie that delivered a lot, the becoming of wonder woman, the lack of hold back in portraying the misery of war and ultimately betting on slim chances because what Diana believed.

Wonder woman is such a great superhero and role model for everyone because she never tries to be like one of the boys. She isn’t driven by revenge, hatred or whatever testosterone fueled bullshit. Like most women, she is emotional but it doesn’t make her weak, in fact its what keeps her fighting for justice and love. And that’s women nowadays, they flourish and succeed like a man does without compromising on their emotional and ethical integrity because they know you can make it without losing empathy and compassion.

Love you Gal Gadot / Wonder Woman! 

4.5 / 5

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