Short | Conversation


Dominick was making mushroom soup and upon realizing, I wanted to help cause I simply love cooking. He was chopping up some chives while I whisked the soup as it boiled. Truthfully whisking is boring, so I held the circular handle between my palms and started rolling, it was like a professional cake mixer!

‘ Eh you should add garlic to your soup.’

‘No, I don’t like garlic, I don’t even eat garlic!’ 

‘ So do you enjoy your job? (he is currently intern-ing at OCBC)’

‘ No. Its so boring.’

‘ What is the ratio of men to women in your office?’

(he pauses 10 seconds to think)

‘ If you have to think so long, the ratio should be pretty even. ‘

‘ Ya, i think almost. ‘

‘ What do you think about when you get up in the morning to go to work? ‘

‘ Nothing, just go and earn money la. ‘

‘ So you are driven by money? ‘

‘ No la. But you know the people in my office they all driven by money one ‘

‘ I thought you don’t have any friends there, how you know?’

‘ I just see the way they work la, some of them work so they can save up money to go overseas and travel and some obviously work so they can support their family. ‘

‘ Isn’t that what most people do? ‘

‘ …I don’t know how my boss can come in everyday smiling…’

‘ Huh, why?’

‘ You know right, my department is one of the lowest department, ya la his title is vice president something but…’

(throughout the conversation, I have been sneaking Lawry’s seasoning into his soup, sneaking because he doesn’t like me tampering his food with my ‘innovations’)

(with his back turned, I tried adding garlic powder in, but it was so clumpy, nothing came out)

‘ Eh, don’t add garlic powder, I already add chives liao. ‘

Pretending like that wasn’t my intention, ‘ No la, my powder harden into clumps, I trying to loosen it. ‘

(I start stabbing at the clumps with a satay stick, realizing my efforts were quite futile, I proceed to get some rice and pour it into the garlic powder bottle)

‘ What the hell you doing!?’

‘ Remember Phin’s steakhouse? ‘

‘… Orrh yeahhh…’

‘ I remember they used to do that, I always wondered why they decided to use rice instead of something else to keep their salt from clumping together.’

‘ Orh its because rice can absorb water mah. ‘

‘ Exactly, like how people use it for phones ‘

‘ I think my soup is done already. You want to drink? ‘

‘ No. ‘

‘Not even a bit? ‘

‘ Maybe just a taste. Okay, give your soup that last few seconds of super high boil. ‘

‘ Eh how you know I do that? ‘

‘ Because I got see you do before, plus I also do it myself. You learn from me one isit? ‘

‘ No! ‘

Dominick pours his soup into the bowl. 






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