Art | Yayoi Kusama: Life is the heart of a rainbow

After seeing tonnes of alluring photos online, I decided to check out the exhibit myself. Initially I wanted to go alone but my mom wanted to come along so we went together! She told me she never went to an art show before and this was her first time (she’s so cute!), and just about an hour before i made her give a reflection on her experience HAHA! She really tried reading into the art and told me her thoughts and feelings about it, in relation to the artist and her art.Β 

We later went to Tim Ho Wan (my first time!), and we had pork buns, carrot cake, glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf, sour & spicy dumplings with alot of minced garlic and noodles with pork strips. Scrumptious!

But the trip made her tired and by the time i got home i had a unilateral headache and only half my nose was in pain and strain from sneezing like crazy. Its 11:49PM right now and I ate panadol but the pain is still kinda purring, like from 100 to 20.

Anyways, I’ll let the photos speak now. They aren’t top notch because I spent most of my time filming instead, I CAN’T WAIT TO CUT THE VIDEO!IMG-20170614-WA000520170614131845_IMG_583520170614150041_IMG_6099_1Lovely moomsy!20170614132549_IMG_584520170614132519_IMG_584220170614132752_IMG_584920170614132932_IMG_585220170614133125_IMG_585720170614133347_IMG_585820170614133613_IMG_586720170614133650_IMG_587020170614133731_IMG_587420170614133818_IMG_587820170614133827_IMG_587920170614134222_IMG_589320170614134535_IMG_589720170614134800_IMG_590520170614134919_IMG_591120170614135201_IMG_591720170614135353_IMG_5921Mata Hari & Marilyn Monroe20170614135816_IMG_593320170614140049_IMG_594120170614140051_IMG_5942Flower Obsession20170614140136_IMG_594320170614140443_IMG_5946prohibited shot.20170614141252_IMG_594820170614141518_IMG_5959a piece of my coronary artery.20170614141713_IMG_596720170614141752_IMG_5970_120170614141918_IMG_598220170614141936_IMG_598420170614142205_IMG_5987Yayoi Kusama’s Manhattan Suicide Addict20170614142346_IMG_598820170614143139_IMG_600820170614143155_IMG_6010Polka dots.20170614143305_IMG_6014_120170614143425_IMG_601720170614143605_IMG_6025_120170614143526_IMG_602220170614143823_IMG_603620170614143836_IMG_603720170614144355_IMG_605920170614144401_IMG_606020170614144445_IMG_606320170614144828_IMG_607320170614145057_IMG_608420170614145041_IMG_6083IMG-20170614-WA0020

oomph, the photos are kinda poor I know ): I hope the videos I took are much better and more cohesive! I can’t wait!Β 

Oh, despite the pain and exhaustion from a such a light day, beauty was still constantly around, I mean check out the sky during sunset! zero filter, zero edit.

20170614191745_IMG_610520170614191815_IMG_610720170614191721_IMG_6103About 10 minutes later.20170614192544_IMG_6131

Good night!


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