Yet another JB trip.

Hi! This is probably the few times I’m actually going to do a post about what happened in my day like a normal person haha!

So, my mom, brother and I went to JB early in the morning, commute was pretty horrible, took us almost 3 hours to get there, so much waiting at immigration and the automated check-in system at woodlands checkpoint was so flaky, people just backed up the entire place. By the time we got there it was 11:30 and we had to leave at 2:30, bleaah!  PicsArt_06-06-11.37.52We had lunch at what is now my go-to place i-Dragon. It was kinda funny because my brother and I somehow decided to go take a shit as soon as we walked into the restaurant and it pissed off my mom because she literally just went to the toilet 5 minutes ago but we decided not to join. We bought like a 4 x 50 sheets tissue packet just for one toilet break! ANYWAYS This time we got to order alot of food cause my brother was here, greens, beef and potatoes, xo sauce carrot cake, jellyfish, peking duck, and soup! Delicious as usual, total bill came up to about RM298. I like having my brother there but he is such an unreliable and inconsiderate person, so he is most likely to back out and stay home to sleep or do nothing instead, making it impossible to make plans with him.PicsArt_06-06-11.38.44Later on, my brother stayed on at JB and read magazines at starbucks because he was supposed to meet his friends there at around 5/6pm but his friends ended up bailing out of the trip so he stayed awhile more before coming home.

Whereas my mother and I headed to orchard towers, where she had an appointment and I wanted to visit kinokuniya @ Ngee Ann City. She directed me to Jason’s supermarket over there and WOW. I was like a kid in a candy store, it took me awhile to realize how creepy I was behaving. I was just looking at everything in amazement whilst TWIRLING MY HAIR. HAHAHAHA. I have no idea why i did that, my hands are always so awkward and they have like a life on their own doing weird shit or posing weirdly.  I felt like a prehistoric person whom suddenly got dropped into the future. okok, why right!? well, first off, I saw that they sold those habenero yellow pepper AND LEMME TELL YA, you don’t find those anywhere in Singapore, habeneros have a scoville score of 100,000 – 350,000 SHU. That’s insane man! Plus the place had alot of cool international shit you can’t find in your average supermarket.PicsArt_06-06-11.40.00The cheese room. They have a whole refrigerated room dedicated to cheese. When I was it i was like, erm can i go in? can i? can i!? OK IM GOING IN. bootiful maaan. and wait, here’s the best part…..SAMPLES SAMPLES EVERYWHERE. HA HA HA! I ate every sample i could see. My favorite was definitely the smoked apple cheese and the purple moon cheese. This place was so cool, I can totally see myself owning a cheese room in the future and going in and just eating a whole slice like one would eat an apple. Throughout, I was alone inside but the doors were transparent, so I just kept giggling to myself as i piled on the samples as discreetly as possible. AHHHH I CAN’T WAIT TO RETURN.PicsArt_06-06-11.40.24Look at that leg though!PicsArt_06-06-11.39.17This was so cool! Truffle oil with saffron and gold flakes inside! WTF. Oh and its $39.90! I hope i get to return to this cool af supermarket soon its soooooo cool!

The reason I get so psyched when going to a supermarket is the same reason a beauty-obsessed girl gets with sephora. We see a lot of possibilities, all the items all the ingredients that one can use to bring their (cooking) skills to a whole new level with. Its the imagination that goes wild when seeing the individual items and creating something spectacular in your mind! Well, at least that’s what I think!

PicsArt_06-06-11.36.13And of course the haul! Excited about all my new things! Not in picture is my moth-bitten reebok shirt and another comme des garcon one!

So, that’s it! Im gonna finish off watching better call saul and hopefully outcast, if i can find the episode. Everyone is so tired from being out and walking so much the whole day. But gotta plan my activities for tml! Ciao!


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