Short | Hopeful

thinking about the future from where i’m standing suffocates me. it looks like I’m drifting further and further apart from what i see is my happiness standing on the other side of the world. disappearing from sight and into oblivion. even before the game started, even before the losses were accumulated. i am defeated. but here’s what i do know. im young. and my enthusiasm hasn’t faded. as worried and as anxious as i am. im not yet jaded but rather disillusioned from the stories i hear. that were never mine to begin with. its not fair i project others failures onto myself. success is a daunting and impossible road.  and im still young. and foolish. and young. and foolish. maybe just maybe, a miserable 9-5 life isn’t where im headed. so i give a little smile, feeling hopeful for the next few hours.

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