Big little lies


why this show is fantastic:

  • storytelling
  • phenomenal cast
  • great dialogue
  • the greatest soundtrack yet
  • short, simple yet nuanced.
  • the filmography

when you first hear the gist of it, its not exactly impressive, a murder mystery with a bunch of rich white women with first world problems. In greater depth, its so much more, these women struggle with problems that tortures them psychologically and physically. the show is fantastic because of all the nuances, the grey area, something relatable to everyone whom lives in modern society especially moms who try so hard to be the best parent to a child despite all that weighs her down. the show is immensely beautiful with just the most perfect soundtrack (nobody, incl me, can get over the fact how perfect the songs are, never knew that bg music can make such a huge huge huge difference, elevating the tone and quality with one swift leap), set mostly on the beachfront and piers of Monterrey, you get such creative visuals to depict the mental state of the characters. Despite having such an outwardly idealistic life, the irony of living beside the vastness of the sea, and yet so trapped and suffocated by the ones they love. The story isn’t a foreign concept but my god, the writers and DP did one hell of a job with the story and transformed it into such a cinematic piece. 



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