The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale


And that is the end of the walking dead season 7. 

Wow, what a shockingly boring season. Here’s everything in a nutshell: Negan killed Glenn and Abe, Negan took over Alexandria, Alexandria is sad, Alexandria stays sad, Rick is sad, Rick has an epiphany thanks to Michonne, Rick rallies up alliances, Rick steals guns from an unwilling party, Rick gives stolen guns to a new alliance group: the E.E Cummings of trash, Dwight has an epiphany thanks to Sherry, trash group makes secret pact with Negan and turns said guns against Alexandria, Sasha refuses to be a trump card for Negan so she kills herself (R.I.P), Negan almost kills Carl, remember when Rick was rallying up alliances? well, 2/3 paid off, came in and saved the day, the match of war is finally lit.

So yeah, that’s all 16 episodes. How exciting, everything was just a slow set up for all out war, which hopefully will move at a faster pace.

But let’s talk about the finale episode. Again, I did read the spoilers for the episode and pretty much knew all the major plot points like trash group turning against Rick, Sasha dying and ultimately the day being saved by alliances. Do I regret reading? Yes, I did because I think it would have been a fun roller coaster for my emotions but twd has been pretty fucking disappointing so at that time, I didn’t think reading would have made a difference. Anyways, here’s a breakdown.


Oh, Sasha, you finally get to be with Tyreese, Bob and Abe. I mean, I know she got killed off because the actress got another acting gig, and although there could have been so much more to be explored with her character because of her complexity and badass-ness. I’m so glad the last thing she did was come out at Negan, scaring the shit out of him and killing at least one saviour. Oh and hello Abe, erm and I guess bye again!

Eugene ‘I’m Negan’ Porter, The Coward.

Eugene, ha! Everyone thought that Eugene was harbouring some sort of secret agenda against Negan and just playing along for show. I personally thought that Eugene’s choice to become Negan was completely logical, this character has always been about self-preservation above all else. Just like the trash group, he got a better ‘deal’ with Negan. Better food, better shelter and much better security. Although to be fair, he was in the belly of the beast with no chance of making it out alive when he had to make the choice of becoming Negan but he did fully embraced his new role. He still clearly has his morals but sadly, no integrity. The problem with making a deal with the devil is you never know when he is gonna turn on you. I really thought Eugene would man tfu. But Sasha still has faith, so maybe I should too.

Live everyday like Rick’s in-charge.

God, when the trash group turned on Rick, I swear I could hear all the Alexandrians just cursing at Rick being like, ‘Oh fucking hell, Rick fucked up…YET AGAIN can anyone please takeover, literally anyone.’ I mean throughout I was just thinking oh my god, wtf, RICK YOU WANT TO FORM ALLIANCES WITH PEOPLE WHOM YOU WILL NEED TO DEPEND ON FOR WAR AND YOU DON’T EVEN FUCKING VET THEM FIRST. I KNOW YOU WERE NEVER IN THE MILITARY BUT YOU WERE TRAINED IN THE POLICE ACADEMY NO? The whole logic was so flawed, just why tf would you trust a bunch of opportunistic trash ‘poets’, hand them a shit ton of guns and hope they’ll join you on a suicide mission. The fact that they thought it would be a FANTASTIC IDEA to go to war with these strangers is beyond me.

I really did enjoy the intense stare down by Rick and his speech of never going to stop trying to kill Negan though, that was some serious shit, I mean you’d think a father would be begging for his son to live but no he decided to poke the beast further. You are all already dead.

Ezekiel and Shiva. Negan’s finger.

Alexandria will not fall, not on this day. Yes, it’s so lame but redemption moment! Shiva jumping in, LITERALLY, and saving Carl. And King Ezekiel! So fantastic. I’m so happy with that Ezekiel moment, it was so cool!

And that middle finger Negan gave as his trucks were rolling out, was seriously hilarious. 

The End.

So the season managed to come full circle which I thought was a nice touch. Before Lucille could strike again, this time, friends intercepted and came to help. And Maggie’s speech about Glenn and how he was the one who started everything, he was the one leading it all and Maggie was simply following,  like my heart is just ripped apart. Oh, Glenn. 

Even though the show is just kinda in a weird place right now (great story but poor executing), disappointed but I’m still super psyched for season 8, as I always am for a new season of the walking dead, its going to be a really long wait but we’ll get there! 

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