Bones | The End In The End

‘Why would you want to be reminded of a moment where everything almost ended, bones?’

Fox TV series Bones has ended after a 12 season run. Here are my thoughts,

First of, I am a super fan of Bones. I remember when I first discovered the show, it was  a random night, just casually flipping through channels when I stumbled upon Bones, maybe about 4 or 5 years ago. Season 7 finale was on Channel 5, it was the episode about Pelant and how he had managed to completely frame Temperance Brennan for murder and how she had to go on the lam, and ending the episode with an absolutely exasperated and devastated Seeley Booth. It was an intense episode and I was just like, OMG WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT!? I HAVE TO KNOW! And thus beginning the love affair.

I can’t even begin to describe how this show changed my life, my perspective, my hopes, my dreams and the person I wanted to be. It was the reason I discovered my love for science. Bones was about Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan, a very independent, very intelligent woman, who prided herself heavily on her work. Her only short-coming? She is a hyper-rational and an emotionally closed-off person. She wasn’t always this way, after being abandoned by her loving parents and thrown into foster care, she closed herself off to emotions and stuck with what was always more logical and rational, it was her way of coping with the heavy emotional crater left by the abandonment, it was her means to survive. Until she met Booth, and everything changed. 

What really impressed me was all the little bits that came together and made the show absolutely magical. Its dark, its funny, its insightful, its love, its life, its intelligent. All these elements playing together, creating something so profound and nuanced, it blows me away.

Temperance Brennan – the objective and rational, I love bones, she really opened my eyes and inspired me to be a woman of my own volition, her admirable uninterrupted ambition and drive, and proving intelligence IS the sexiest thing a person can possess. She will forever be an inspiration for all generations of men and women. Seeley Booth – the instinct and street smart, he is incredibly smart and just like Angela, he understands the human psyche very well, his alpha male personality only ever drops when he is with the one he loves, bones, the only one with an even bigger ego than him, like Angela said, booth pretends to be dumber than he seems to make bones feel good, because that’s how much he cares for her despite his own ego. Booth is such a man’s man, I hope I’m lucky enough to have a relationship like BB, the paradoxical independent and dependent. Angela Montenegro – the subjective and artist, Angie was a beautiful free-spirit who lived in the moment dictated by her emotions. Angie was essentially the opposite of bones, and yet they click well. why? because Angela helped bones become human, before booth came along, Angie was the one helping bones get in touch with her emotional side being there as the voice of reason and morality, helping her navigate the subtext of the adult world.  Jack Hodgins – the humorous and big-hearted, Jack was such an angsty person whenever he wasn’t with Angie. From the start i think he knew she was the only one and he would never be at his fullest if it wasn’t for her, constantly amused and in awe by Angie’s way of looking at life, he so badly wanted to share in that and he finally did. Jack always provided a comedic brevity in the tone. Despite his massive wealth, had the biggest most selfless heart. He was always the intellectual counterpart to bones, if not for him, bones would have been so intellectually (objective-wise) lonely in the lab.  Camille Saroyan – the widely smart and the mf boss, the brilliant Camille, much like Booth she is incredibly street smart, probably due to her training as a cop before plus her natural intelligence, she was always one step ahead and had incredible foresight which was what made her a natural boss and leader whilst maintaining an incredibly close and respectful friendship with her colleagues, SHE was the linchpin, SHE was always making sure that she took care of everyone, SHE took high responsibility of the safety of her employees, both professionally and personally. The balance between employees and friends was one she handled with extreme grace. And of course, her sense of fashion! Lance Sweets – the lion hearted and too great for this world, it was a huge pity, the actor couldn’t stay till the end but he was a great addition to the show. When the doe-eyed sweets came onto the screens, it was hard not to love him, he was this kid, an extremely intelligent one, that at first glance you could never tell how advanced his maturity was until you really got to know him. The best part about his was his psychology work, assisting greatly in closing cases despite the disdain, especially from bones whom always dismisses his work as merely a lucky guess. The way psychology was used in the show was beautiful, like unravelling a flower and finding the core, interweaving weekly murder mysteries into relatable anecdotes for a certain cast member. Like Brennan, sweets was a foster kid, but he wasn’t afraid to deal with emotions, he was selfless till the end and always empathetic, he appreciated and was grateful for the little joys in life and always remained hopeful. So sad he had to die, leaving daisy and his son behind. Lastly, James Aubrey – the foodie and loyal, John Boyd is so adorable! He is so cute, check out his Instagram, what an awesome guy! Sadly, his character was the one to replace Sweets, and replace him he did, with his innocent charm and demeanour, adding humour with his insatiable appetite, i think the actor did wonders with the character too bad he was clearly written to just replace the humorous tone that sweets added and nothing more. BUT it doesn’t mean I love him any less, he added so much subtle dept to his character without speaking a word all through his big soulful eyes.

Secondly, as much as I absolutely love the show, I have to be honest about certain things. The nuances and the magic of the show disappeared after sweets died. From then on, every story, every thing was just basic as f. It honestly saddened me to see the writers (whom were not the original ones) just not putting in effort to make their stories special, to give it that bones magic. I don’t know how to explain it, maybe it was the narratives of certain characters that got written off in a very cliche style, maybe it was the lack of thought in surprising people with new forensic anthropological knowledge or the way they didn’t approach their stories with a unique point of view, I don’t know. It just completely lost its special edge from 10 through 12.

My biggest disappointment was Max Keenan, I hate that he was killed simply to drive the plot. There was one episode in the later seasons, Max and Bones had a talk, they were having coffee in this outdoor area. Bones confronted his dad, never really knowing why he did what he did as a career criminal. Max promised that one day he will tell her everything, but not now, because there are some people whom are still alive, whom could get hurt. And Bones looked on in dissatisfaction but acknowledged. AND THEY NEVER REALLY TOLD US WHY MAX AND CHRISTINE DID WHAT THEY DID, THEY WERE GOOD PARENTS, SO THERE MUST’VE BEEN A COMPELLING REASON FOR THEM TO ABANDON THEIR KIDS. but nope, no resolve on that end. Also, what’s with the whole telling-Wendell-to-do-something-else-with-his-life all about? They brought Betty White back just for that? And where was our red neck Opie?

Even though, I’m pretty pissed that this life-changing show of mine got a really poor end, I would’ve still continued watching it. The writers (not the original ones), mentioned that they had even planned to continue doing it all the way till season 18. I would have watched it all the way to the end because it makes me feel better knowing that somewhere out there, the Jeffersonian was still operational, that Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin, T.J. Thyne, Tamara Taylor, John Boyd were still seeing each other everyday, working together to keep Bones alive and going. I know its dramatic, but I’m grieving, this show is everything to me. I hope one day, I get to create something as beautiful as this.

Fantastic tumblr posts:


And thank you to the people who create these amazing gifs on tumblr, i can’t breathe with the flowers growing inside me.

I love you Bones.

‘Because it didn’t.’

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