20 things that irk me.


  1. Insects.
  2. A bad meal.
  3. My horrible internet.
  4. People who Snapchat too much, either like 30 snaps a day of nothing interesting or just 10 straight snaps of you drinking and partying? what?
  5. Rude little c**ts
  6. One of these things is not like the others, one of these things should die. Trying too hard to be liked or relatable, it’s OK if others don’t share in your love for The Walking Dead, you don’t have to force k-dramas on yourself. Wink.
  7. Being travel-sized, sigh.
  8. Narcissism, my god, social media is a playground/personal shrine for these people.
  9. How expensive good stationery and makeup can be
  10. When there is no bacon, cheese, cold cuts or ice cream in the fridge.
  11. Public toilets. Its always a dice throw on the level of hygiene you’re gonna get.
  12. The whole ‘I didn’t lie, I just didn’t mention it’ bullshit . You’re in the wrong and you’re still playing loopholes, your guilt and apologies are 100% insincere and invalidated.
  13. When i forget to close my dumb mouth after drinking water.
  14. Those kind of people who straight up ignore when I’m talking, its usually those who likes to talk about themselves endlessly but instantly dgaf and looks at phone when others talk. Also, you haven’t stopped ranting about whoever wronged you 6 hours ago, just LET IT GO.
  15. When people look at me like my paranoia is invalid.
  16. Low-quality food photos.
  17. If I can’t end each day relaxing with a nice TV series. It’s so calming to have that time to myself before bed & it makes me feel uneasy if I don’t.
  18. When Asian boys refer to their friends as ‘ma n*ggar’, are you trying to be a white a-hole? My opinion of you just drops to the earth’s core.
  19. Oh, and the crowning jewel of them all, its walking slowly because people are in my way. I generally walk very fast, and if I could run without panting and sweating, I would be running everywhere. So, large groups of slow walking people (basically, EVERYONE) annoy the shit out of me. My face turns instantly sour and snide, looking at everyone like they had just spat on me.
  20. How much longer this list could go on. oh no.


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