Escher’s & Farewell

This post is long overdue. But I still wanted to post it because i think the day necessitates its moment in my journal.

This was kind of my last day with my poly friends in Singapore before they went on to embark on a major journey towards their future careers! I spent the first half with Jw, because Isy wasn’t feeling too good, and we went to the exhibit for Escher’s artwork, I love his completely different take on art, a pioneer in the tessellation area. 

Later on, we had dinner at this cafe whose name I can’t remember but the food was great! We totally underestimated the journey time and Isy was fuming mad but later on decided not to explode because it was our last day tgt. I FEEL SHITTY THOUGH, LIKE urgh, i know she hates people who are late and we fucking arrived almost 2 hours late. But thank goodness, we still had a fantastic time.

And now, i’ll pass the mic to the pictures.

And that’s all for now! Lator Gators.

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