Bones | The End In The End

'Why would you want to be reminded of a moment where everything almost ended, bones?' Fox TV series Bones has ended after a 12 season run. Here are my thoughts, First of, I am a super fan of Bones. I remember when I first discovered the show, it was  a random night, just casually flipping …

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20 things that irk me.

  Insects. A bad meal. My horrible internet. People who Snapchat too much, either like 30 snaps a day of nothing interesting or just 10 straight snaps of you drinking and partying? what? Rude little c**ts One of these things is not like the others, one of these things should die. Trying too hard to …

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Yeonmi Park: In Order To Live

A great tale of the human spirit, truly. I finished the book pretty quickly because the English was simple and easy to just breeze through, in spite of her ability to convey herself in English, the text did not lose any brevity whatsoever as she goes on with her harrowing tale. One would think that …

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