Short | Sci-Fi Dream

Had this weird sci-fi adventure story dream, where everyone was always constantly in this loop, we were all aware of the loop we were in, unlike most loop movies where only the protagonist knew, but no matter the choices we make, no matter how hard we try, when we reached a certain point, the loop would start over again by us entering this same door. Nearing the end of my dream, a new loop was beginning and finally some creepy guy came out and told us that the loop will never change or result in a different outcome unless we kill someone, so he gave me a gun, and told me to shoot someone. Obviously I didn’t shoot my own friends, the last image i have of my dream was my gun aimed at that creepy guy. I can’t remember the specific details of the dream sadly, but I know it was super cool and like would make a thriller movie. I wonder why I had a dream like that though? I haven’t experienced anything remotely close it, and usually my dreams are directly reflective of the day I had. Hmmm…

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