Short | I thought i matured

Often I would reflect on certain moments in my past, my decisions, actions, behaviour, and think wow, back then i was still so self-assured that i was making the best possible choice, even though i wasn’t. Don’t we all do that! At one point, really believed that we had it all figured out and we were… Continue reading Short | I thought i matured


Arbite @ Serangoon Garden

Mmm, I just love chill days, free and easy. I had a nice afternoon at Arbite’s, and this is what we had! Shirley Temple ($5), this drink was so refreshing! Truffle Fries ($7) The fries smelt great, and it had a nice crispy exterior and a soft mashed interior, just the way i like my… Continue reading Arbite @ Serangoon Garden


Short | Sci-Fi Dream

Had this weird sci-fi adventure story dream, where everyone was always constantly in this loop, we were all aware of the loop we were in, unlike most loop movies where only the protagonist knew, but no matter the choices we make, no matter how hard we try, when we reached a certain point, the loop… Continue reading Short | Sci-Fi Dream