Blender For Days

Tefal Fruit Sensation ($99 at TANGS)

So on the same day, I got my birthday present, my mom decided to get a blender too, YASSSSSSSSSS, hehe. Our previous one spoilt and it had been awhile since i got to drink one of my favourites, avocado milkshake. Sadness, amirite.

It wasn’t until we were at the cashier, when I saw the person loading up our purchases did I feel so immensely happy, getting a hair straightener AND A BLENDER IN THE SAME DAY?! but wait, it was going to get better…


Why? Because, not only did this sleek-ass blender come with 2 smaller containers meant for blending your nuts, garlic, onions, berries and what not but it was SO EASY to use, usually my mom has to be the one operating the previous blender because it rattles so badly, but with this new one, I CAN USE IT UNSUPERVISED.


It is so idiot-proof we didn’t even bother reading the instruction manual, so its really just easy and simple, probably not meant for top notch recipes but it gets the basic job done really well. GOD I LOVE COOKING. Happiness, AMIRITE.

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