Birthday Present!

Philips Moisture Protect ($125 at TANGS)

wp-1482078512383.jpgI got this hair straightener for my birthday present. FINALLY. I’ve wanted a hair straightener for so long, a few years back my mom got me this 10 dollar one which actually turned my hair crunchy. hahahaha. literally, when i scrounged it, it makes that crunchy sound.

What really drawn me to it was how gorgeous it is, its pearly white on the outside and rose gold on its internal plates, aesthetics 10/10. I’ll be honest, functions wise i think its so-s0, even though i don’t know the general standard. It does do its job of straightening my hair but leaves it looking quite dry, not frizzy but a little fuzzy. It heats up really quickly so that’s time-saving! For the price, I’m not sure if its justified, but I’m plenty satisfied with it so far.wp-1482078527590.jpg


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