Rosemary’s Baby

rosemarysbaby-mia-farrow-paramountThis movie is fantastic! No wonder it’s so hailed upon. The pacing was great, it doesn’t spend too much time on trying to create a creepy atmosphere but rather just diving straight into the story and how it slowly unravels to reveal the gruesome truth. Unlike movies now a days, it doesn’t rely on cheap jump scares, gore or gruesome images. The fear that is felt is so genuine and oh what a journey! Truthfully, the most haunting thing was how Rosemary (played by the beautiful Mia Farrow) was treated throughout her pregnancy, and basically not even allowed to have a say in how her body should be treated. Truly sad, thank god for feminism now. 

rosemarysbaby3This is such a fantastic piece, it’s almost weird for me to watch because its so different from horror films nowadays, but in the most complimentary way! Every little bit about the movie just gives me the creeps, everything, every character (Minnie, Guy, Dr Saperstein), every prop (tannis root charm, that ‘herbal’ drink, all of them witches book) I don’t even know how to put into words the degree that this movie had struck me.

My only wish is if only they had shown the devil’s baby.

Rating: 4.9/5

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