Short | drunk

You know how TV shows portray getting drunk as something really sexy? Well, it’s not. TV drunk = making out with your crush or some stranger, saying super funny silly stuff, and doing any thing they think they can get away with because they can blame it on being drunk later on. And for some reason, people started to pretending to get TV drunk so they have an excuse to act totally out of character, but in a way that they think makes their character more attractive.

Even if you are only mildly drunk, most of your energy goes into trying your best to focus the brain.

Getting drunk in real life, like legitimate inebriated, is so not sexy. You won’t magically turn into some cool person with no inhibitions. Instead, you might do things like shit yourself in public and none of your friends want to help you clean your ass, or wander into the boys dorm, sit on a chair you think is a toilet bowl and start urinating. 

Seriously, it’s so disgusting how people who are barely drunk, start acting up and try to make out with their friend’s boyfriend or putting up the TV drunk act. Like, wtf is wrong with you, please stop.

(P.S none of the scenarios I wrote above are made up, they ARE things that have happened.)

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