The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere


DISCLAIMER: Prior to watching the premiere, i have been reading the facebook page of the spoiling dead fans, and knew months in advanced who got the bat and days before, I read the major points of the premiere. Despite having done so, the episode did not at all lose its dramatic effect, and is the most emotional episode for me yet. That right there is Grade A work.

Even right now as I am typing this post with my puffy eyes, it feels almost tacky to be writing about it instead of leaving a dignified amount of time before talking but i gotta get it out. My god, I fucking hate Negan.

OK, let’s delve into my thoughts for the premiere! Spoiler Alert!

Its a new world now

Starting the episode right after the bashing, I was pissed at Rick for being all smart-mouthed (just like he was to that main cannibal at the sanctuary), Rick obviously still didn’t fully comprehend who he was dealing with and how miscalculated he is.

After trying to threaten Negan, YEAH THREATEN NEGAN ALRIGHT, Negan knew he had to shut his shit down, shut that arrogance, shut the idea that Negan was someone he could even dream of messing with, throw him off his throne and let it sink in that RICK, was no longer the king, that RICK, was now his property. Do as your king bids sheriff. Yep, that includes fetching his axe like a dog and chopping your son’s hand off when Negan says so, because NEGAN SAID SO. (although Negan ultimately let Rick & Carl off, so Carl DID NOT lose his arm) Shout-out to Carl for being such a hero, he finally graduates from the institution of annoying little brats. Cause when Rick was still contemplating on chopping his son’s arm off, CARL ACTUALLY SAYS ‘just do it‘. Absolutely fantastic, I’m excited for this new fervour in him, although I’m pretty sure he has had it in him for awhile, but this is one of the times where it shows through! Sick Negan mind games though!

In a way, Rick’s little journey with Negan was not just an overall glimpse of the new direction that our survivors will be going, but also a huge and tough pill (Negan’s Reign) that was forced down our throats. Granted, comic book fans knew this was going to happen and yet it still felt like a surprise invitation to a grim party you can’t refuse..


Through Rick’s flashback, we see a montage of everyone’s faces from past episodes and present moment as it finally reveals who gets Lucilled..This was also when my tears started to come in…

wp-1477305786152.jpgFirst off, the honourable, the quick-witted, the soldier, Abraham “Suck My Nuts” Ford. Abe took it ‘like a champ’, never cowering even when getting his brain bashed in, how Abe of him.  Ultimately, I don’t understand Abe’s unnecessary death, things were just heating up for him and Sasha, and then they decided to rip it away? Was this done to A) Lead the audience to think that our original fan favourite (Glenn) was safe, so it would feel worst in the end, or B) Plunge Sasha into deeper treachery , serving as her future character arc?  Either ways or none at all, it was a cheap shot.

After which, Negan started to taunt Rosita, realising that they had history together, which caused Daryl to lash out. (P.S Daryl is feral throughout the entire episode) Oh Daryl, he is such a sweetheart i think his anger just exceeded and it accidentally burst out into a punch to Negan’s face, which led to Glenn’s death…

wp-1477305867276.jpgSecond off, the pizza-delivery, the adorable, the smart, the best husband, one of the Atlanta 5, Glenn “I’ll find you” Rhee, his last words were so sweet, dedicated to his pregnant wife, urgh, i wish that moment could have been more touching and leave him a better dignified last shot rather than completely shrouded in gore and horror. Glenn with his brain exposed and eyeball popping out and barely able to speak his last words, it was immensely soul-breaking. By then, i was screaming and crying, body shaking from anger and horror, wishing i could reach out and kill Negan and the saviours like some invisible spirit force. Everyone’s devastated and horrified faces made me die on the inside. I loved Glenn, he was the best, and the fact that he was with us since Season 1, made it so annoying that they had to follow through in order to serve Maggie’s arc in the comic books, in fact, I’d rather Daryl die, even though I love him, but a world where Gleggie is alive meant the beauty of life still exists at its very core but well, i guess not. Now its down to the Atlanta 4, Rick, Carl, Daryl and Carol. (I don’t consider Morgan as part of the Atlanta originals, sorry)

R.I.P Glenn and Abe, you guys were amazing, the fans all love you to death, best of luck to the actors on their future endeavours.


The Day Will Come Where You Won’t Be…

Geez, the CDC doctor was right, I don’t even understand what’s the point of surviving in this bleak world, no matter how good it’s going to get, it’s still not worth it.

Ending things off, Daryl got hauled off with the saviours as leverage, leaving behind our poor survivors with their RV. Their sense of camaraderie stills shines through, when Maggie tries to stand and they all insists on helping her. The rest of their interaction made me feel hopeful, like they still had their humanity even though it should have long left them. And true to form, Maggie told Rick to go back and get ready for the fight of their lives. This ending scene set the tone of hope for the rest of the season, meant to tell us, our heroes are going to go through hell, but they’ll find a way to win. The fallout of today’s events, will probably slowly spread out in each character, twd-styled. That last scene of the walker coming out of the woods as Rick looks on, my first thought was ‘is he gonna kill that walker?’ and when he didn’t, I thought about how walkers used to be the most terrifying threat. But after what we just saw, the walker seemed so non-malicious, so peaceful, so… lucky to be dead.  

I am beyond excited yet scared for what’s to happen. Till next week!

Personal theory

You know how Negan wants those communities he own to bring him produce? I was thinking how do we kill him via produce? First off you can’t mix some lethal poison inside that would kill them instantly cause they would sense something wrong, but rather kill them slowly with essentially any kind of medicine (acetaminophen, insulin, rhubarb leaves) but in overdose, where the effects will only take months to show by slowing causing the organs to fail followed by death, so ta-da!


  • When Rick jumps from the RV to the walker hanging off a bridge, that was pretty cool.
  • Michonne, the always quiet, speaks out when rick was faced with cutting off carl’s arm, telling Negan they will obey him. I felt that was a pretty big deal, because Michonne has always been the rebellious one (remember EVERY interaction with her and the governor?) but for her to speak out like that, maybe because she now loves them both but still.
  • Daryl, poor Daryl, he is probably going to blame himself so hard for (in)directly causing Glenn’s death, I hope he doesn’t though.
  • One of the saviours taking a Polaroid of one of the lucille-d victims, fuck you.
  • That weird moment when Sasha goes to Rosita, telling her she will be taking his body.
  • Of course, that imaginary scene, with Glenn and Abe still alive, having a meal on a bright Sunday morning. It reminded me of that scene from Mr Robot, when Elliot was dreaming about a better world and sitting down for a meal with everyone. Elliot’s fantasy was more poignant because of the excellent BG music. SORRY JUST SAYING.

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