Hot wings

So, i attempted to make buffalo wings about a week back using food network’s recipe (except i also seasoned my flour with spices), and it turned out okay-okay.

FIRST OF ALL, I had no idea how chicken wings actually shrunk so much after frying!

SECOND OF ALL, when i was making the hot sauce for my buffalo wings, there was so much tobasco, it was like wafting up and burning my eyes. Naturally, i was just oh shit shit shit shit i made it too spicy, but after baking the wings in attempt to let it soak up the sauce, the spiciness got BAKED OUT TOO!?

THIRD OF ALL, My wings turned out a little dry and the buffalo wing flavour was a little dumb down ): It wasn’t as succulent as I wanted it to be. BUT OH WELL, I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO FRY CHICKEN SINCE 2012 BUT NOT ONCE HAVE I EVER.CHECKED THAT OFF.


Now I got cauliflower drizzled with black garlic butter in the oven that just ding so.. ADIOS!

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