Nice Things September Brings

Hi, September has passed, and 2016 is passing incredibly fast, literally zipped right by. When i look back on my life on my deathbed, i’ll probably also forget that 2016 ever happened. (don’t worry future cordelia, you aren’t experiencing memory loss, 2016 was a transparent-ish year) 

Animal Crossing: New Leaf / Happy Home Designerwp-1474391549560.jpg

Love these games, they are super adorable and the villagers are so unique and sometimes quite annoying. New leaf is kinda like harvest moon while happy home designer is about designing your own houses based on a theme which i do enjoy cause i love sims!

4/5 for both games.

Oral-B Pro 1000 electric toothbrushwp-1474128956109.pngYAYYYYYY , i finally got my e toothbrush!! I’ve been wanting to get it for a really long time and here it is. The reason why i got it is because for years now, its been promoted that you should brush your teeth in a circular motion. Although it is possible to do so, but i can’t seem to move circular when brushing the molars. And this circular motion thing, this is gonna sound weird, but brushing things in circles actually helped me removed stains from any kind of surface much easier rather than up down up down, so that was my way of seeing this reoccurring pattern as evidence that maybe brushing my teeth this way WOULD be more effective in getting gunk out! I was so afraid it was gonna be like something uncomfortable to use or its fad would eventually get old, but nope i really enjoy using it!

Living by numbers & The little black book of lawyer’s wisdomwp-1474391549558.jpgI haven’t exactly read this books in great detail yet, but i was intrigued by the book’s attempt to explain how numbers are so much more apart of us humans than we think they are. Whilst, the black book has quotes in regards to the laws, a little titbit for thought every once in awhile!

Toiletries wp-1474391549540.pngSt Ives Blackhead Clearing, Body Brush, Physician’s Formula Happy Booster (Natural) and Maybelline V-Face Duostick.

I got them all from JB cause its supposedly cheaper. Love the St Ives face scrub, my face is like baby smooth after i use it and i keep asking my mom to touch my face after that. HAHAHA. The Duostick is pretty cool, its like lipstick for contouring your face! The Blusher is pretty cute, sadly i broke it, and the cool contraception is kinda lame now ): Mom bought it for me cause she though i would like it, so imma try my best to use it! & the body brush is to help me feel cleaner, scrub of all that dead skin!

Skipping Ropewp-1475516082651.jpgMy old SR was too old so i got a new one! One of my afflictions since young was i could never ever skip rope. It was a really significant thing to me cause i felt so like wtf is wrong with my rhythm and legs, why can’t i!? I can’t understand how everyone could skip without stopping cause i could only do 2 in succession AT MOST. ump ump ump, AND THEN ONE FINE DAY IN 2012 OR 2013 I BOUGHT A SKIPPING ROPE… FINALLY BROKE THROUGH & ANGELS SING!

Alice in wonderland themed Essential shampoo & conditionerwp-1475516082653.jpg

This was so cool! I thought it was really pretty so i bought it plus its very cheap so OKAY! 

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