PewDiePie Tuber Simulator.

PDP released his mobile app/game a few days ago and unlike Legend of the brofist, this is absolutely free, there are in-app purchases but complete access is available abeilt a slower progress.  


It definitely isn’t a very original idea, there are tonnes of games on the market that kinda follow the same concept, so I’d thought i probably give it a pass even though i DO love pdp very very much.


PDP started doing a live stream on youtube of him playing the game and i thought it looked cute so i was like okay I’m gonna give it a shot!

NOW, I am kinda addicted. Why? BECAUSE ITS SO ADORABLE, the pugs, the crazy items you can unlock, the sponsor eagle (i say the words ‘sponsor eagle’ at least a 100 times a day now), the felix voiceovers, the hilarious video titles, being able to visit pdp’s pad in the game. This is definitely a game that pdp fans will enjoy because its just full of elements that remind you of him and it makes me squeal in excitement. HAHA. 

Out of the 3 kings of Let’s Play videos on youtube, PDP is definitely my fave, because he is just ridiculously hilarious, although his jokes can be quite crude. But the main reason why he is the absolute fave is because we’re on the same wavelength, he always says what Im thinking! Plus, he isn’t afraid to make a fool out of himself for his videos. Followed by JackSepticEye, absolutely love the intro and outro of his videos, his energy is so vibrant and just puts you in a really hyper mood, plus his personality is insanely nice and he is just such a sweet sweet guy because he is always so grateful to his fans and all, you literally can’t help but be a fan of him as a person. Same for Markiplier but he’s more toned down than jacksepticeye.

Ok, that’s all for today, Adios!

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