Outlast 2 predictions, speculations, review.

(scroll down below to skip my personal speculation and read the actual events of outlast 2 instead)


I am just so freaking excited for outlast 2 to come out, I am seriously obsessed with the whole outlast story! I’ve watched pewdiepie, markiplier and now jacksepticeye play the outlast, whistleblower and outlast 2 demo gameplay. YEAH ALL OF THEM. I am 80% sure I am going to buy that game when it comes out!

OK, so I am not a gamer, i find gaming such a tense and stressful experience, coupled with my prone-to-fuck-up character, its always a miserable end. I’ve tried counterstrike, left 4 dead and on my nintendo 3ds, Resident Evil: Revelations and on my phone, into the dead and dead trigger. NONE OF THEM, i have continued on to play religiously, because i felt so like tense ya know!? booo me. Games that are much more my alley are SIMS (pc and phone), Animal Crossing & PvZ, just chill stuff that don’t got me all tachycardia-ed and profusely sweating!


Anyways, sorry for being so off topic, today, I’m here to talk about my predictions for outlast 2, which is slated for a release in Q1 of 2017 instead of Fall 2016. I didn’t notice until I watched jacksepticeye’s outlast 2 demo gameplay…

The note on Jessica’s locker:


Hey Lynn, I’m booooooored. Mr Comhover’s still talking about the 30 years war…Blah Blah Blah HAPSBUPGS!!! Blah Blah

Anyway I’m not riding home with you today because I’ve got journal but I’ll call you when I get home, OKAY?


Sup Jess! Comhover’s the worst. His nasal spray totally makes me want to puke! Journal HUH? Are you doing journal because:

– you want to expose the dark truth behind the St Ambrose Field Hockey Team?

– your dad is forcing you?

– you have a big sloppy crush on Blake!!!


Shut up BITCH!!! Also, we should replace Comhover’s nasal spray w/ hot sauce.



drawing of a unicorn


drawing of a centaur

OK, this note completely opened my mind up to the possibilities! But in case you don’t know anything, Outlast 2 takes place in a secluded village, located somewhere in the canyons of Arizona. Blake Langermann, a cameraman, with his wife Lynn, travel to southern Arizona to investigate the murder of a Jane Doe. The woman was previously found eight months pregnant by the side of the road, before committing suicide in the hospital that she was brought to, according to the facility’s records. Due to the desert climate and the region being inaccessible by land vehicles, the two take a chopper to reach their destination, which ends up crashing from unknown complications. Blake wakes up sometime after, with Lynn nowhere in sight. Later, Blake realizes that he’s been stranded in a village with cult members that believe the end of times are upon them. His main goal is to find Lynn and escape alive from the hostile villagers (taken from outlast wikia)

For starters, from the demo its quite obvious, Blake, Lynn and Jessica used to go to school together in this secluded village in Arizona, and after Blake & Lynn got together, they moved away, leaving Jessica behind. CLEARLY, Jessica was the one who had a thing for Blake, the main protagonist, but her friend, Lynn, ended up with him instead, could this be a love revenge thing? and what’s the dark truth about the st ambrose field hockey team? isit cult related? how does her dad play into all this? of if he even matters?

screenshotoutlastii-01could Jessica be the witch with that scythe chopping Blake’s balls off at the end of the demo? though her supposed young, still in uniform body was shown to be dead in the demo. I doubt she is truly dead dead, they planted way too many Jessica seeds for the impending story unless development suddenly decided to go 180 degrees with it.

outlastjpg-6531c5_1280wIs Jessica THE pregnant Jane doe? perhaps it was a case of rosemary’s baby and she was trying to save the world from her demon baby?  Because, i heard that 2 is going to be about this town which is gonna be under some guy (Sullivan, pictured above) leading a cult PLUS remember that insane cross made of dead babies? They might have been failed spawns, or sacrifices to appease the diablo!?

Oh, from IGN, here’s a bit about Sullivan from the developers themselves:

Sullivan Knoth was the age of Christ at crucifixion when he first heard the voice of The Lord. It was 1966 and he was a shoe salesman in Albuquerque, New Mexico, about to lose his home to mounting debts he could not pay.

He turned in desperation to late-night Evangelical radio but found no comfort in the voice preaching against the evils of extramarital fornication. But as he listened, he began to hear something underneath the preacher’s voice: disguised in static was the true voice of God.

God told Sullivan that he was sorely displeased with the world and its churches, and needed a brave new prophet.  Sullivan walked out into the night and saw in the dark sky a vision like that of the Prophet Ezekiel.  It was a terrible angel, a many-faced creature crowned in fire, surrounded by “wheels within wheels.” It bore a prophecy that the end of days would arrive within Sullivan’s lifetime, and only his guidance could lead a chosen few towards Paradise instead of everlasting torment.

Filled with purpose, Sullivan abandoned all his earthly possessions, (which technically belonged to the bank anyway,) and began to preach in the streets of Albuquerque. His passion inspired the lost and disaffected, and they flocked to him. Within a year he had dozens of followers, all of whom had donated all their earthly possessions to the nascent church dubbed “Testament of the New Ezekiel.”  

They lived communally on a luxury ranch owned by a wealthy woman named Lydia Degan.  Sullivan continue to receive messages from God, which he faithfully recorded in a book of verse he called “The Gospel of Knoth.”

Sullivan encouraged all the women of his flock to breed frequently, even generously offering his own seed to the cause. He personally delivered each baby, guided by a secret purpose vital to mankind’s salvation.

It was the home births that gave New Mexico police the legal authority to crack down on the cult. With a warrant for health and safety violations, police raided Degan’s ranch and arrested a dozen cult members. Knoth barely escaped with a handful of followers.

All of their assets seized, the church was in serious danger of falling apart.   

Following the guidance of Moses and Abraham, Sullivan Knoth climbed a mountain alone to commune with God. He waited on the mountaintop, naked in the wilderness, until God’s voice commanded that he sacrifice an eye in exchange for true vision. Knoth unsheathed his knife and slit his left eyeball open.

As the blood poured down his face, the veil of reality fell away and Knoth saw with absolute certainty the destiny of his church. He foresaw a town, deep in the wilderness and hidden from civilization, that would be the gateway to the true temple of the Testament of the New Ezekiel. He would call this town Temple Gate, and take his followers there to prepare for the tribulations of the End Times.

Sullivan Knoth warned his flock that the road would be long and the horrors many, and they would all be forced to make difficult sacrifices and impossible choices in the hope of salvation and paradise everlasting.  

It was the winter of 1969 when Sullivan Knoth and nearly a hundred followers caravanned out into the desert and left this wicked world behind.

DOESN’T THIS JUST CONFIRM MY THEORY, and the text highlighted in red, that’s probably where the babies come from, and ‘generously offering his seed’ ? I think it’s more like he raped women, yuck.

In conclusion: I believe Jane doe aka Jessica, is the scythe-wielding witch/ghost. Blake & Lynn must have fallen out with her due to their romantic relationship but upon hearing the news of the death of an old childhood friend, they decided to do her justice by investigating into the mysterious cause of her death. This brings them to a secluded desert in Arizona, also where the cult has settled at. During the time of which Jessica was still alive and residing in said desert, young, heart-broken and impressionable, found belonging with the cult and joined their cause. After getting impregnated, (possibly by Sullivan) she ran away and ended up killing herself for a number of probable reasons, most likely due to the nature of the baby she held inside. This left her a tormented and miserable soul, in which manifested the witch that returned to the desert, to take revenge. Of course, she doesn’t take too kindly on seeing Blake and Lynn again and her presence will probably be ‘the walrider’ of outlast 2, someone who isn’t evil but rather someone wronged and manipulated to appear so, a manifestation of the cult’s malficience. The cult and their secrets will most likely be the driving story, being ‘the Murkoff coporation’ of outlast 2.

Well, that’s all i have, i know its not an airtight theory, but i just made use of whatever info i had! I hope I’m right but also not really cause I would enjoy a surprise more than the satisfaction of being right. ADIOS!



First of, I am so disappointed. Yes my prediction was wrong which I am so glad for, but the actual story wasn’t any better.

So, instead of having just one insane cult, there’s actually two that inhabits the Arizona desert,  One who worships god, Sullivan Knoth and the other worships satan, the heretics, whom i believe is led by the daughter of Ethan (the kind soul who kept Blake’s whereabouts hidden at the cost of his own live by scythe wielding Marta) 

Okay, so the helicopter crashes, and Blake wakes up to see his wife is missing and his pilot has been skinned and hoisted up onto a pole, very gruesome. He makes his way through town, and the villagers are less than friendly to him. After he finds Lynn, she seems very traumatised at what the knoth cult has done to her, and will reveal absolutely nothing to Blake about whats going on and whats happened, claiming she can’t deal with it right now. But what we do know is, she is apparently pregnant with the antichrist, and knoth was trying to prevent the birth. Later on, the heretics catch up to them, ready to receive the spawn of Satan from Lynn, thus separating her from Blake once again, bringing her to the mines, so most of the game is dedicated to Blake finding his way to the mines. The odd thing is, Lynn showed absolutely no signs of pregnancy at the start of the game, her tummy was flat, Blake talked about never even having intercourse with her for months.

Throughout his journey to find Lynn, he keeps on falling between realities, much like silent hill’s otherworld, the desert and the catholic school halls from when him, Lynn, and Jessica used to study. He keeps on ‘hallucinating’ of Jessica and this insane lickitongue monster who chases him and tries to kill him, it isn’t until the end, when it is revealed that his hallucinations seem to be a manifestation of his guilt; Jessica and Blake were staying late after school and whilst walking through the hallways, this Father ‘caught’ them, assumed they were sinning, so requested that ONLY Jessica stayed behind and prayed with him while threatening Blake to leave by saying he would call his parents if he didn’t. Jessica kept on begging for Blake to stay but what choice did Blake have? As Blake started walking away, Jessica started screaming and screaming, and soon, the Father was chasing her through the school. Blake chased after them, only to see the horrible aftermath of Jessica with her neck broken at the bottom of the stairs, which i presumed she fell after struggling to get free from the Father’s grasp. Throughout the game, Blake continually reassures himself that it wasn’t his fault and how was he supposed to know since he was just a kid. I presume that Jessica was being sexually abused and although Blake genuinely didn’t know about the abuse, he did feel bad for not staying when Jessica begged thus leading to all that guilt.

Start of game Lynnlynn bEnd of game Lynnlynn

Anyways, later on after Blake finally finds Lynn, she is in a yellow dress with a huge belly! Somehow somewhat she is fully pregnant and ready to birth at anytime. They keep running while Lynn is in immense pain (something isn’t right, she’s not supposed to be hurting so badly) from the baby. Finally, she lays down and births the baby but ultimately dies from the birth. Blake is devastated.

Cut scene to Sullivan Knoth sitting in front of Blake and the baby. Knoth talks about how hard he tried and how it was all in vain, he advises Blake to do what’s best and kill the baby before his slits his own throat. Blake walks out, promises the baby that he will take good care of her. But as he keeps walking with a swarm of locusts flying all around, then at immense speed, the sun charges towards Earth and presumably scorched the entire planet, screen turns to white.


Blake yet again ‘returns’ to the school’s hallways, following Jessica’s voice, he is led to the kitchen’s stockroom; Jessica pulls him inside.


Don’t worry

I’ll never let you go

You never let me go

(bends knee to assume praying position)

Now the light has gone away, Savior, listen while i pray. Begging thee to watch and keep and to send me quietly to sleep.

Watchful Savior, wash away. All I’ve been wrong today. Help me every day to be gentle. Gentle more like thee.

DLC speculation 

The story makes no sense, is this supposed to be a biblical game? I highly doubt it. But here’s what I do know, RedBarrels mentioned that Murkoff is involved with this whole situation, so the only way the story could make any semblance of sense is that its just the biggest most inhumane experiment by the corporation. (Blake mentioned how was it is possible that these cults have gone undiscovered for so long, considering how big their settlement was, my guess? shielded by a giant conglomerate. like umbrella from RE) What are the aims of the experiment? I have no idea. But remember those gigantic flashes of light that seems to spin everyone out of control? is it hypnotism? I really hope the DLC puts things into perspective INSTEAD of possibly playing the game in Lynn’s perspective instead. If so, I would be truly disappointed because they made a whole game demonising religions, using rape as a token side story, then ending the world. 

Judging from outlast 1, they didn’t just show a bunch of patients possessed or haunted by ghosts or spirits, the stories were grounded in scientific logic instead of hocus pocus.

Here’s to hoping! Hopefully outlast wiki will update the plot soon, because I might be reading things wrong. I will update this post as new information comes alone. Thank you so much for reading!

2nd update of 25 Apr 2017

Read to understand the plot of outlast 2 (differs greatly but more accurately than my observation) : http://www.powerpyx.com/outlast-2-story-ending-explained/ 




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