Ear piercing @ B*dazzle



Back when i was in probably secondary 2 (14yo), i got my right ear pierced at this mall near ehub. Its the one where you take 89 to pasir ris and its the mall you have to walk through to get to ehub. I think its a bikini shop now though! I’ll always remember it cause i got it pierced tgt with a boy i had a crush in school. Heh! THEN, i got my left ear pierced at 77th street at compass point (which is now completely renovated to compass one) with my friend WQ. If I’m not wrong it was her third piercing, which went fine. But my left ear almost immediately ballooned after it was done. Cut to the chase, they both ended up infected, and my parents were so angry i got it pierced without their permission, thinking i was some crazy rebellious kid, and eventually it closed, but thankfully there was no scar of any kind. And if it matters, they were both done with a piercing gun, the sound of it shooting into my ears still minorly haunts me hahaha.

B*DAZZLE, Wisma Atria

So, 4 hours passed since i punctured my ear lobes & here’s how it went.

Going in, I knew i was gonna be really scared, but i decided to stifle it as hard as i could because I’m sure the pierce-er was probably sick of the whole ‘scared pain’ routine and i didn’t want to be yet another…

After reading TONS of blogposts about their bdazzle piercing experience, all mentioned how it did hurt like 7/10…great, its not like i have a lowered threshold for pain…pfft.. OH WAIT I DO!

I picked out this $189.80, 14k gold earrings, and its perfect because this is the earring that i wanted to wear & the sole reason i even wanted to pierce my ear. Which is why i even went with such a pricy one, because why waste your money on a starter only to ditch it afterwards for the ones you actually wanna wear!

FULLY prepared, alcohol swabbed, numbing spray applied and immediately the effect made my lobe go like zzzzzz, disposable piercing cartridge and the piercing begins!

IT DIDN’T HURT AT ALL! (OK, thats a lie, my wallet did hurt) Its like a 1/10 on a DISCOMFORT level not PAIN! It was only the pinching of the piercing cartridge that probably ‘hurt’. Ultimately, i felt almost nothing! I even had my eyes closed during the process and without visual distraction, your other senses are usually heightened but nope it felt fine! Also, i have very thick ear lobes so. The lady was so sweet though she kept talking to me which really helped make me feel happy and calm!

About 5 minutes later, the discomfort did kick up abit, almost like a soreness/hotness, but totally bearable and negligible.

189.80 (a pair of 14k gold earrings) + 18.80 (2 bottles of earcare solution)

I chose the biggest possible rock & luckily it was under the 14k. The 18k ones were tiny and mother expensive (500+)

P.S. the earcare solution (antiseptic soln) does not burn or hurt when running through my ‘wound’, idk why internet ppl say it did.



13 December 2016, so yesterday I went back for the aftercare and the same lady who pierced my ears helped me removed my earrings and told me my ear was badly infected. ): Major bummer, even though i cleaned it everyday, did everything right, somehow i still got infected. She told me to let my ear rest for a day before trying to put them back in.

Since my right ear was less infected and swollen i decided to put it in within the day and it pinched, ouch much. My left ear however is quite swollen so i thought i let it rest a day.

I’ve used my entire day trying to get the earring inside and it won’t. Literally, from the moment i woke up, i didn’t even realize that i forgot to eat lunch and now i feel to flustered and frustrated to even eat.  Fuck the shitty advice, i think my piercing is partially closing up already and now what? I’m supposed to wait a few months and pay for a piercing again!? FUCK. What an awful turn in my supposedly good experience.

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