Julia Louis-Dreyfus

THE BEAUTIFUL THE FANTASTIC JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUSgty_julia_louis_dreyfus_mt_02_mt_160918_12x5_1600

Cue clapping, standing ovation and fanfare.

JLD won her fifth consecutive Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series Emmy for Vee(Note: Veep only has 5 seasons so far, so YEAH) This immensely talented, funny and poised woman took home the statue but left a great speech behind.

With Veep being a show about political satire, it has become almost creepy that the comedy has unintentionally started to morph into a ‘sobering documentary’ on the actual state of politics in America. And, being the amazing person she is, of course she had to make a dig at Trump. Ending off her speech, she dedicated the award to her father whom passed only 2 days prior to the Emmy awards, “I’d like to dedicate this to my father, William Louis-Dreyfus, who passed away on Friday, I’m so glad that he liked Veep, because his opinion was the one that really mattered.” Her hands were shaking so badly and her voice was choking up, legends are still humans after all and it only made me love her so much more.

Here’s the thing, after googling, i realised her father was a billionaire, like oil & agriculture money guys, heavy-hitters in the economy. And if there is one thing that JLD’s co-stars have said about her, is that she works the hardest and she gets incredibly impossible comedic moments right. There is nothing, well almost nothing, better than hearing the story of a child living in the slums, only to single-handedly grow up and take over the world, and one of the most annoying things are children of oligarchs using nepotism to get their ways and somehow people still praise them for being so amazing and inspirational, there are aloooot of names that come to my mind right now but I’m sure I don’t need to mention any and a few names have already pooped up in your mind. But JLD, whom i consider coming from an almost ‘oligarchical’ family, didn’t use that as an excuse to do whatever spoilt entitled children do or possess the poor working ethics you may expect. Instead she went into acting, worked her ass off, and made a name of herself, ALL ON HER OWN.

I love her and what she represents, she is not just a great role model for females but for everyone everywhere. OH, can we also ban her from submitting for a nomination? Maybe change the statue for comedy to look like JLD, so she is forever honoured?  Like all the up and coming comedians will probably never stand a chance if an irrefutable legend is also in the run. JUST SAYING.


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