A noodle story: Singapore-styled Ramen

My mom and her friend tried it out and she raved to me how delicious it was and of course i had to give it a shot!
Located in a hawker center near Tanjong Pagar, a long queue is to be expected if you go during office lunch hours, so GO EARLY IF YOU WANT TO WAIT BELOW 20 MINUTES.

Presentation is beautiful, and looks delicious, but i have to admit it tasted better than it looked. 

The prawn was wrapped in strands of fried potato, although delicious, the strands kept cutting into my lower gum ): The pork was tender and went well with the noodles (mee kia)! The wanton was great too because it had alot of tiny prawns in it. The hot spring egg was really cool, i’ve never had a hard-boiled looking egg that was actually like jelly, it was nice! Oh, but the soup was bad? I don’t know but it had like a trace of dish water smell in it! Bleah!

Overall, it was extremely innovative, but it ultimately didn’t come together and hit the perfect stroke, the ingredients didn’t really compliment each other but they were nice on their own. The price is definitely worth it but if i had to queue any more than 20 minutes for it, i’d think twice. But, my mom loved it alot so maybe i was just having a funky palette, i def don’t regret trying it though!

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