Jingwen and I finally met up to go ice skating, something i have never done before!
Friday was a really cold and creepy day, JW and I felt so out of ordinary, its like a day with no colour or noise. 

But it was still a fun day nonetheless, JW was such a sweetheart throughout, supes patient just going at snail’s speed and guiding me, WE WERE BOTH CONSTANTLY LOOKING AT MY FEET HAHA, when i close my eyes all i can see is my skates plus JW’s silhouette next to me telling me to man man lai. I felt so guilty she couldn’t skate freely plus i’m so damn slow hahaha! But she’s so sweet la, she really paid so much attention, her hand was always ready to catch me plus she helped me out so much with events after the skating! All & all i did learn how to skate a bit, the ice was such a foreign thing and skates are so uncomfortable, I’m still shaky but I WILL BE READY FOR OLYMPICS IN 4 YEARS.#JKJKJKJKJKJK

Later on, we went to yoogane @ west gate. Food was delicious! We had the cheese chicken galbi for $55.90. But my stupid ulcer prohibited me from enjoying the food. Plus the service was ultra terrible. I was in pain from cramps, leaning on the railings, grabbing my tum and i had to keep standing there, because apparently YOU COULDN’T BE SITTED UNTIL YOU ORDERED. Later on, when we were presented with the pan, i stired the food and the waitress immediately came up and said ‘You don’t have to cook, we’ll cook it for you’ in a condescending tone, like when your mom tells you not to mess with her cooking. The people just made the atmosphere uncomfortable, i was afraid that some thing i’d do may be subjected to condescension. 

OH, reminds me, went to a kbbq once, got told off that we can’t put the garlic and onions on the grill cause it will make the restaurant smell!? WHAT. 

Still enjoyed the day! (: Back to pewdiepie’s walking dead gameplay! Heehee!

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