Life is Strange


I got introduced to Life is Strange by sweet yj! So far i only played episode 1 because it is free, i am probably gonna wait for a sale (current: $25) and see how much it is, i may or may not buy it!

SO, this game really pulled me in with its premise! I love the graphics, the story, the atmosphere and the soundtrack. The aforementioned atmosphere sucks you right in to the game and the beautiful background music only amplifies the effect. Very often, i’d find myself just stopping in my tracks and admiring the graphics, especially when up at the lighthouse. Throughout the episode a serene, mysterious yet sorrowful vibe is maintained.


After witnessing an approaching storm in the future, Maxine Caulfield uses her abilities to take action and prevent it from destroying her town. The game emphasises on the butterfly effect & the protagonist’s (Maxine Caulfield, a photograher) ability to travel through time by raising her hand, in order to rectify or change certain actions and immediate consequences. The only disappointing aspect of this game is probably the short game play time, i finished the episode within 2 to 3 hours (could’ve been faster if i wasn’t also simultaneously eating dinner) but other than that the episode was a beautiful experience. 

I mentioned i may or may not buy it because after finishing the episode i decided to google it and read the rest of the plot to the end, including forums with people’s opinion of the ‘right’ ending to make. SO YES I SPOILED THE GAME FOR MYSELF BECAUSE I AM A FREAKING GENIUS. If the price is low enough on sale, i may buy the other 4 episodes, like $9.99? If not, then i really can’t spend my money like that. ):


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